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As part of our sponsorship with Las Vegas Bikefest’s Artistry In Iron, we wanted to take a closer look at the builders who have been invited to this years event. So one at a time we are going to ask each of the builders the same ten questions and let our readers get to know them all a little more. TPJ Customs is our third interview, but stayed tuned for more as they come in.




TPJ Customs:

TPJ customs started building bikes in 2002 and has been cranking out full blown customs since then. I started building bikes when I could not find the parts and pieces to put my full vision together. We have been invited to participate in the artistry in iron 3 other times and met and learned from some of the greats. TPJ customs builds complete one of a kind customs to fit the customers exact wants and needs. Motorcycles should look gorgeous then perform even better. We have won a number of awards and been in many magazines.

TPJ Customs



10 Questions:

What people places or things do you get your inspiration from for bike building?

Each bike is so different I can’t really say one specific thing. It’s usually I get an idea of what I want to do with the bike then everything just starts popping in my head.


What is your personal philosophy on custom bike building?

I believe that even though the bike looks great it has to handle and perform just as good. I also am a big fan of hand made pieces. As many as possible.


What is on your “Must Do” list while you are in Vegas for Bikefest?

My must do list is to win the artistry show and then take a nap after the nonstop work to get there. Ha


What does being invited to build a bike for Artistry In Iron mean to you?

Being invited to artistry is a huge deal to me. There only being 20 spots and for me to make the cut is very important. We work very hard to produce these bikes and to get appreciated makes it all worth it.


How do you feel about the judging at Artistry In Iron being peer based?

I believe the judging is a great way as long as the builders don’t just put low bikes for there own bike to do better. I believe that the true winner is picked if everyone votes with there heart. Judges are not always good because they might not understand the work put into these machines. The builders do


What is the best or worst feature of your Artistry In Iron build?

There are no bad features I love the stance and all the little pieces to make it complete. In short I love this bike.


What kind of time goes into a build that’s at the level of an Artistry In Iron bike?

It is rediculas how many hours goes into something like this. Something like this could take as much as 1000 to complete. When you are creating everything from scratch  the stance the parts etc. it just keeps going and going. Immense detail to bring a bike to a show of this level.


What is you most prized possession in your shop? Example: a tool or machine that was handed down from a family member etc.

I have a few favorite tools. One is my favorite ruler that was my dads. I love my welder cause it helps me create new things. And I say last my fab table 4.5’x5’x1" love that thing.


If you had the ability to look into a crystal ball and see trends in the future, what would you expect to see coming or the custom motorcycle scene?

. If I could look into a crystal ball I’d say f the industry I’m picking the next 4 lottery winning tickets and move to Lake Tahoe and build cool shit.


What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?

. In 10 years I see myself doing exactly what I do know but with less hair. I live my job. Wouldn’t change anything.


See the TPJ Customs entry and the other Artistry And Iron Bikes during Las Vegas Bikefest October 3-6 or to find more info go to



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  1. Hey Martin, if you mean from Artistry in iron, it’s funny you would mention that. We are hosting a thing there this year called “The Sin City Gallery” that will feature some amazing artists and live art being created. Check our blog and Facebook for more shortly.

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