Artisan & Craftsmen Wanted!

The New Iron Horse Saloon Sturgis is looking for a few unique artisan’s and craftsman to show case in their premier vendor village on the corner of Junction and Lazelle Streets for the Sturgis Rally 2016.

Curt Green

With limited space available for vendors on their massive footprint the Iron Horse Saloon wants to take a new direction beginning with their inaugural rally this year. Already achieving a reputation for exceeding the standards in food service and entertainment, they have set their sights on the vendor quality they’d like to have on site. Since Main Street has plenty of the standard type of vendor available at any motorcycle rally across the country, they are looking for a select few that are different. In their premier vendor village they would like to feature the artisan’s and craftsman at the top of the talent pool from today’s motorcycle industry. Applications are now being considered for these eight spots:

Leather Craftsman

Engraving Artist

Pinstriping / Enamel Painting Artist



Gentlemen’s Barber

Custom Seamstress

Custom Firearms Smith

Each of these select vendors will be housed in the same permanent type structures that the vendors of the original Iron Horse in Daytona are. If any of these categories apply to you and your craft, if you would like to participate in a venue that is creating a focal point to showcase these arts within the rally community and provide attendees with a unique experience rather than a standard vendors row, please contact Kerry at

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