Art Of Our Culture: Guy Salaza

It’s All About Creativity and Freedom of Expression

Article By: Amelia “Killer” Rose

Originally Published In The May 2019 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

As a kid, candy is a great incentive to get things done, be it chores or homework. For Guy Salazar, a candy prize is what sparked his love for art and led him to do what he does today. From a young age Guy has loved creating art, it’s something that was born in his blood. When he was in elementary school, his mom entered him in a coloring contest where he took first place, winning all the candy. The rush of creating something that people actually liked and finding something he was good at, at such a young age is what drove him to continue and create incredible works of art today.

Like some of us, Guy started out in this industry as merely a spectator, hanging out at shows and events enjoying the culture we all love. Having grown up in So- Cal, the custom culture scene was something he was drawn to and eventually started working in the custom car scene. However, after a few years, he realized that he was still very much drawn to the open, carefree lifestyle he saw in the motorcycle community, so Salazar changed course and has been working with motorbikes and their lovers ever since


Guy’s preferred medium for most of his work is anything oil-based. But more specifically 1-Shot due to its smoothness and ease of use, not to mention they have most of his favorite colors readily available. Although he’s been selling his art professionally for the past ten years, Guy considers his business to have began the moment he started creating art for others, back in high school. He draws his inspiration for these amazing pieces from both other artists and his son. Seeing others constantly working to improve is what drives his own creativity. He also uses his art as a way to connect with and learn more about himself. Creating art is his own way of growing as a person and improving his skill.

Through his art, he has been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people and gain new friends around the world including Australia and his most recent international client from Dubai. The love and support he is shown by his family, friends, and clients means more to him than words can express. For Guy, creating art isn’t about making money or being famous. To him, it’s all about creativity and freedom of expression. If his art is able to give him fame and fortune, that’s amazing, but if not? Well, it’s no biggie. He paints on his own time and goes with the flow of whatever he’s feeling at the moment (with the exception of commissions of course) and doesn’t let what’s happening in the world influence or hinder his amazing style

Today Guy spends his time with his family, creating art. His goals for the future are to keep pushing himself to be better than he was the day before and make an impact with his art. If you want to check out more of Guy’s amazing artwork, you can head over to his Instagram @guy_ salazar and maybe commission one of his amazing pieces for yourself! If you would like to see your work featured here please email

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