Are you a Motorcycle Addict?

Well I would venture to say that a few of us are just that addicted to motorcycles.

So I will stand up and say Hello  my name is Dave and I am a motorcycle addict. So do you know what the signs of being a motorcycle addict are? Sure signs of this is; long hours and I mean 10 to 12 hours at a time, just doing stuff at the source garage, and guess what I am not alone so there are more of us.

 Even though I call myself an addict I really love this life because of the brotherhood that it is all about. Yea throw in the mechanics of it and it makes it even better. Like they always say boys and their toys. It also helps to have a place to go to be among brothers and the way it feels to have the right tools. Is just great. The Source Garage is not just any Garage it has transformed into a shop. So if you are in the area come on by and give us a reason to get a fix or I mean fix your scoot. All of us addicts have to stick together! Mechanics mixed with brotherhood. I am smiling now.

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3 thoughts on “Are you a Motorcycle Addict?

  1. Hey mailman, my friend Joan wants to see this garage.I told her I have no idea where its at ….maybe its a state of mind!

  2. Step one – We admitted we are power mad, and our lives have become exciting.
    Step two – came to believe as we twist the grip and pop the clutch.
    Step three – Made a decision to downshift and pull a wheelie……..

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