And The Winners Are…

2022 Source Awards Announcements Are Coming!

After a two-month-long process, we are excited to announce that thousands of votes have been tallied and your voices have been heard. Over the next few days, we will be releasing the names of our 2022 Source Awards winners. For more than a decade and half, we have taken one issue each year to recognize exemplary people, products, bikes, and more from that year.  Now, we’ve announced a few category winners on the last two episodes of ShopTalk, (you can watch those here, or listen on your favorite podcast platform) but be sure to watch our social media channels in the coming days for all of the winners. However, if you want to see the top ten feature bikes or our grand recap of 2022 you’re just going to have to grab yourself a copy of Issue 296, January- February 2023, which will be on newsstands later this month. If you don’t want to wait you can always order a copy to be delivered to your door.

However, we aren’t that cruel will give you just a few here so you don’t have to wait!

2022’s Motorcycling’s Man of the Year – Ed Kerr – Co-Founder of Hamsters USA

Ed Kerr has the distinct place of honor in being one of the original members that started the Hamsters USA®. But here in the year 2022 his name came up for man of the year for the work he has launched through that group to look after older Americans through the “Meals On Wheels” program. While the Hamsters have contributed millions of dollars to children’s charities through their work with Lifescapes, Ed saw an opportunity to take care of the other end of the spectrum by also working with the Spearfish elderly community and help older people have access to daily meals. That effort started in 2021 and this year reached outside of Spearfish to the little town of Salisbury, North Carolina by being a co-recipient to the proceeds of the SmokeOut Rally “Tankful” program that raised over $15,000. Those proceeds were split between the two communities in Ed’s Name under the Hamsters USA banner. For showing us what leadership looks like, we are more than honored to name Ed Kerr as the 2022 Cycle Source Readers’ Motorcycling’s Man of the Year!

2022’s Motorcycling’s Woman Of  The Year – Loretta Lynn – Country Music Star.

While many people only know her from her many hit songs in country music, the name Loretta Lynn is synonymous with those who have been lifelong motorcyclists. I tall started in 1982 with a visit from race promoting legend Dave Coombs. Dave was looking for a place to organize an amateur national event that would take away the home field advantage of year round race tracks gave amateur riders that lived near them. Once presenting the idea to Loretta and her husband they fell in love with the idea and the AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch was born. For the past 40 years anyone who would be anyone in AMA pro motocross would have to show their skills at Hurricane Mills first. More presently Loretta’s became home to the other side of the motorcycle culture by playing host to TMMR for the past five years. Unfortunately this year
we lost this great lady of motorcycles and music, but her contributions to motorcycling live on. As sad as we were to report of her passing, it brings us great joy to name Loretta Lynn as the 2022 Cycle Source Reader’s Motorcycling Woman of the Year!

2022’s Builder Of The Year – Rick Dozer – The Shade Tree Boyz

Most notably Rick Dozer is known for being one of the Shadetree Boyz. A group of buddies who have always built and ridden bikes together. They were always a staple at the SmokeOut and served as an example of what the event was about. Together they accomplished a record in the Guinness Book for the world’s longest chopper, a record that stands today. Dozer himself has had plenty of great builds including the Knucklehead that some of them are fielding at Bonneville the past few years. This year his Knuckle and the Early 1900s Board Tracker that took best of show at SmokeOut put him over the top, and apparently, you agreed. For keeping it real and taking it to the next level at the same time we are thrilled to name Rick Dozer as The 2022 Cycle Source Readers’ Builder of the Year!

Well, that’s all you’re going to get here for now so be sure to watch Facebook and Instagram for more announcements, or better yet grab yourself a copy!

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  1. Kudos to my friend and mentor, Ed Kerr!!! Ed is SOOOOOO deserving of this recognition and award. As a founding member of Hamsters USA, Ed has always been a part of the motorcycle and custom bike world. His work with the elderly in Spearfish was of his own doing amongst many who disagreed. He is a hero to these people and this honor is well deserved. All you naysayers can think or write what you want but the man is a treasure. Congratulations, Edwardo!!! I am so very proud of you!!!

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