An Original Jesse James Sled before he was Jesse James — On the Sin-Central Pod-E

An original Jesse James Build

Pat Jansen interviews Bob Kay about his original Jesse James build before Jesse James was Jesse James as well as the Kustom Kulture Artisan Show.

Got Question on:

  • Marital issues
  • Telling a Bro “Get the f*$%K off my bike

Bob and Pat take you down the road of riotousness. All on the Pod-E Podcast.


An original Jesse James Build
An original Jesse James Build


PODCAST SPONSOR – Kustom Kulture Artisan Show Series at the ROT Rally and Cherokee Blue ridge Run. Enter your bike today.

Biker Questions from Bikers…

  • T-bag Lovegood — I have a friend that rides it like he stole it. How do you tell your dumbass friends that they can ride your shitty bikes, but not your good ones?
  • I got married two weeks ago. How about a couple quick words of advice to make sure my wife and I don’t shit the (same) bed.


About Bob Kay

Bob is a partner in Biker Pros , V-Twin Director of AIMExpo and is a well-known and highly respected member of the V-Twin community. Following formative time spent working in motorcycle dealerships he went on to play key roles in notable companies in the V-Twin segment including NEMPCO, Tucker-Rocky/Biker’s Choice, and American Iron Horse.

Bob Kay, Partner at Biker Pros
Bob Kay, Partner at Biker Pros

In 2005 he launched Biker Pros to provide specialized business services to the V-Twin market. As an integral member of the Motorcycle Group team he will focus his efforts on researching and developing meaningful components for the AIMExpo platform that will create value for this key segment of the powersports marketplace.

“Those I’ve worked with over the years have heard me emphasize the importance of our industry working in unison for the benefit of motorcycling at all levels,” commented Bob Kay.

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