An Evo Named Pinky

Published In The July 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article & Photos By: Chris Callen

Feature 5a

Kyle Shorey has been building bikes for over a decade now, so his name is one you will surely recognize. Recently though his direction has started to change a little. We discussed this sitting at his dinner table one night after we all left the Pate Swap Meet in Texas. It was appropriate that it was a family setting since that’s the way Kyle feels about the motorcycle industry, it’s like one big family to him. While Kyle has put his time in to promote his shop and the bikes he built under the name Shade Tree Fabrication it was the humble beginnings that he remembers the most. Early days that found him building bikes in a trailer outside of his apartment complex because that was the space he had to do it in. But that’s what it took and so deep was his passion for the motorcycle industry that he was in. Today, six years later, he has made it into a much better situation. Now on a sweet little piece of land in the Roanoke Texas area, complete with an 8,800 sq foot shop, he has grown to a new level with the business. Now in place of the traditional ground up customs that were coming out of the shop, Kyle has transitioned into the parts game. He’s taken the Softail motorcycle and has developed a series of bolt on components for it that the average guy can do at home with no welding or fabrication. It provides them with a nice way to customize their stock bikes without a lot of effort. The public embraced this in a big way and Kyle started to see his path change. He began to realize the need to be more professional and sell his high end products to his costumer base couldn’t happen with a back yard banner anymore. So, this feature officially marks the launch of “Speed Foundry Of Texas” which is Kyle Shorey’s new company and where the story of the bike named Pinky begins. Jason Quigly is a good friend of Shorey’s and owned Dream Machines of Texas. He called Kyle one day to tell him about a motorcycle he couldn’t sell. It was a Softail but Kyle didn’t understand what could be so bad about this bike that it was stuck without a home. It may have been the pink, baby blue, white and gold color scheme. It may have been the white alligator seat with the pink script that read “Softail” down the side. It may have been the color matched accessories like the pink speedo face, but for some reason, this was the ugliest Softail on the planet. Kyle took this on as a challenge. Sure enough, when the bike got to his garage it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen. So much so that he decided to unbolt the sheet metal to hang on the wall as a trophy of sort in the event that he actually came out with a great custom from that mess. The only thing that would need altered from this stock chassis would be the stock fender mounting rails on the rear section. They would need to be cut off the frame but the rest would literally be bolt on. Kyle did decide, since this was to be his personal bike for a bit, to add in a little extra custom look by narrowing the tanks. Other than that he would add in his foot pegs and signature air cleaner. The bike has an amazingly simple look while still coming off as a full custom.

Feature 5b

As part of a yearly ritual Kyle and his buddy Bob Kay take a trip to somewhere cool together and Kyle usually builds something for that trip. This would be the bike for the trip to the Smokeout and gave Kyle a 1300 mile shakedown to test out the parts. He loaded up the 80 pound pack and hit the road with nothing to report from the full trip but some inclement weather. Since then he’s done a ton of these kits for customers and you can get all the info about them on his web site. It’s a great idea in a time where the average Joe can really use a hand making his stock bike very cool without a major overhaul. It’s no surprise to us that these quality parts are the brain child of Shorey, he always has a vision when it comes to the work he does. There’s a quote that I saw during the time I spent at his shop that sums up his work ethic when it comes to motorcycles… “If you can build a bike that when someone sees it they don’t want to change anything, then you’re really doing something.” Helping someone reach out and grab a dream… well that’s an honest way to make a dollar for the day.

Cycle-Resources: Speed Foundry Of Texas 5463 Kelly Drive Roanoke, TX

Feature 5c

Owner: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Fabrication By: Kyle Shorey
City/State: Roanoke, TX
Year: 1991
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Softtail Standard
value: $16,000
Time: 3 Weeks
Year: 1991
Model: Evo
Builder: Stock
Ignition: Points
Displacement: 80 In.
Pistons: Stock
Heads: Stock
Carb: S&S
Air Cleaner: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Exhaust: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Primary: Modified BDL
Year: 1991
Make: Stock
Shifting: Foot Shift
Year: 1991
Make: Harley-Davidson
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Stock
Type: Harley-Davidson
Extension: Stock
Triple Trees: Stock
Front Wheel: Ridewright Wheels
Size: 23”
Front Tire: Avon
Front brake: Stock
Rear Wheel: Ridewright Wheels
Size: 18”x5.5”
Rear Tire: Bridgestone
Rear brake: Performance Machine
Painter: JVP Customs
Color: Black/White
Type: PPG
Bars: Often
Risers: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Hand Controls: GMA
Fuel tank: Narrowed Stock
Front Fender: None
Rear Fender: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Seat: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Foot Controls: Stock
Oil Tank: Stock
Headlight: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Taillight: Speed Foundry Of Texas
Photographer: Chris Callen

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