ALL-NEW BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for November 10, 2016

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By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Ujjwal Dey, Chris Kranzler, Ray Russell, Uncle Monkey and the rest of the Bikernet crew



Was that election something? I’ve never seen two people or two staffs work so hard for America as Clinton and ultimately the new President, Trump. This was like three or four football seasons in a row. I gotta hand it to them. No race has ever been so hard fought.

Let’s hope this vote was an overall vote for freedom in our country. Hang On. This just in from the Week Magazine: Uber and Anheuser-Busch InBev recently made the world’s first-ever commercial delivery via self-driving truck. Uber’s autonomous 18-wheel semi, loaded with 45,000 cans of Budweiser, drove itself 120 miles on Colorado’s Interstate 25, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, with a human onboard in the sleeper cab just in case. Anheuser-Busch estimates it could save $50 million a year in the U.S. using autonomous trucks. –

When no one has a job will they build autonomous customers who buy beer?


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