Matt Reel


I’m Matt Reel from West Virginia.  I’m a career firefighter, and part time motorcycle mechanic. I grew up around muscle cars learning mechanics and body work from my father and brother.  My interest in machines and horse power changed over to motorcycles about 14 years ago when I started working at a bigger fire dept. and bought my first Harley, a 1983 Iron Head. I’ve been building, customizing and riding ever since.

reel3Getting involved with Cycle Source for me started with a simple post on the Forum. West Virginia’s Mountain Fest motorcycle rally had been going on for a couple years, and The Source had been putting on the Chopper Show for them. I posted a message on the forum suggesting that the magazine put on a ride one afternoon during the rally. The response I got back from the editor was “sounds great, set it up”.  So I did and we have had a great time every year with around 100 riders last year.  After that I have had the opportunity to make some great friends have some good times, and now write some stuff for the magazine.