Jack Shit

Never again be told that you don’t know Jack Schit!

jack shit 2Known the world over for being brutally honest and trying to never hold back, audiences feel the same, whether you agree with what Jack says or not, it’s just great to hear someone being honest for a once.

A lifelong passion for all things two wheeled began as a toddler with a chance meeting of a motorcycle cop and a kid! Once placed in the saddle of that Harley a fire was ignited that rages hotter with each passing day.



jack shit 3Life behind bars has turned out to be better than it was ever dreamed of! Constantly asked, what exactly is it that you do, helped push for the creation of Smiles Across Miles, an entertainment company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. It was the perfect company name to answer that very question. Because of Jack’s willingness to travel anywhere to bring a razor sharp edge to the party and get there by any means necessary, what could be more fitting?




Jack LogoAlthough as stated above, Jack has a love for all things two wheeled, his true love, his pride and joy is a bike he’s been spotted on all over the country, his 1947 H-D Knucklehead!

When not pulling down Emcee duties in Sturgis, Daytona, Laconia, Johnstown Pa., Gettysburg Bike Week, Arizona Bike Week, Mountainfest in W. Va., Laughlin River Run, Las Vegas Bikefest or any other number of events in between, Jack keeps busy as a journalist for Cycle Source Magazine who just celebrated 15 years in the industry and Jack had the incredible honor of writing the feature story about the history of the magazine for the Anniversary Issue! Featured this past year on the Travel Channel’s Sturgis Raw, Discovery Channel’s The Road To Sturgis and Bad Ass Biker Parties, even a brief guest appearance on Biker Battleground Phoenix on the History channel, Jack was able to live out a dream and appear on two of the highest rated episodes from season 6 of one of the biggest television shows in history, Sons Of Anarchy and he’s already been invited back for the final season.

A comedian who has performed from coast to coast just achieved a lifelong dream this past fall by performing to a sold out casino showroom in Las Vegas during Vegas Bikefest! A special guest appearance with bike rally royalty, Bag Lady Sue, ended with the audience being crushed into submission and people were seen literally falling out of their chairs crying with laughter into the aisles!

Jack also writes in the blogosphere and his writing has now been read in more than 110 countries around the world. A particular highlight in Jack’s life was when his blog was banned by court order, clear across the Middle East! With a little bit of coaxing from some of America’s finest and a little pressure applied to the right places, the ban was lifted in all but Turkey as of today! Go on over and make a visit to Jackshitsworld.blogspot.com and see what all the fuss is about!

Jack works tirelessly with local and national charities and believes in a hand up and not a hand out! Among the military charities that Jack has performed for and supported are the Wounded Warrior Project, The Boot Campaign, Packages from Home and Packages for Hope, as well as many local military groups. Always willing to bring the Smiles, Jack is also the host of one of the West Coast’s most rapidly growing Breast Cancer event, Bikers For Boobies. Jack lives by the philosophy; THERE IS NEVER A WRONG TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Blessed with having a legion of fans from all around the globe who can only be described as being “rabidly loyal” is the ultimate payoff for all the time spent out on the road in rally mode!

Jack is a man who lives up to what he preaches, L,L,H & R.! Love, Loyalty, Honor and Respect! Over the years, a set of brass knuckles has naturally become the logo that precedes his own name on signage, marquees and banners and dominates the top of t’ shirts that are worn all over the globe proclaiming, I KNOW JACK SHIT and I GOT THIS F’n SHIRT TO PROVE IT! The knuckle logo seemed to just happen on its own from a reputation for being fearless in the face of adversity, brutally honest and obviously, riding a 47 Knuckle!

One of the things people find most shocking about this brutally honest man is that he is an Ordained Minister with more than 50 weddings to his credit and sadly a great many funerals as well. Performing these services for as few as four people in a beach house during a hurricane to thousands from a main stage, the same ceremony is never performed twice, each written for the couple who stands before him! Jack is flown all over this great nation to perform the ceremony of marriage!

Often asked for photos to be used in promotion, Jack is hard pressed to find a photo of him alone that does not have a friend in it with him. When asked how he feels to have so many fans around the world, Jack’s simple response is “I don’t have any fans, only friends!”

Although Jack has steered his time away from the dimly lit comedy stages these days, he has never forgotten his roots and what has led him to the main stages of America! Never to be one accused of not having a good time, Jack has an uncanny way of bringing joy and happiness to those who need it most as witnessed in his visits to places like The Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Veteran’s homes.

Nothing humbles Jack more than when something that he has written is quoted back to him! He’s become known for signing every piece that he writes with his own special biker blessing for those who have chosen this lifestyle that reads; Until we see each other on the road again, Keep the Wind In Your Face, Tits In Your Back and The MAN Off Your ASS!

Just remember, don’t ask him to tell you a joke! Here is a comedian who knows only one joke and it’s not for the faint of heart! So now you may not know all there is to know about him, but no one will ever be able to say to you again that you don’t know Jack Shit!