A Little Patience – A 1960 Panhead

Featured In The February 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article By: Roadside Marty Photos By: Robert Evans @Heydayforever

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When you look at this beautiful Panhead you can easily see how this bike could become very addictive. Frank Girod knows it better than anyone because after many years of dreaming and thinking about it, it’s finally his! Ya see, Frank first rode this bike when he was just 17 years old and it belonged to his older brother. At the time Frank was riding a ‘76 Electra Glide but something about the Pan just had a hold on him. Frank always seemed to think that his ‘76 Electra was more of a practical bike with its shocks, saddlebags and electric start. He rode the Pan whenever he could and as usual with older bikes the breakdowns came and went but they were all part of the memories made with his older brother. Frank says this was the time before cell phones and internet but somehow they always seemed to make it home, which doesn’t surprise me. I had an old timer tell me once to just calm down and a solution will always present itself…usually where and when you least expect it! Over the years this Pan proved that it could keep up with the best of them and Frank knew deep down that one day it would eventually become his. He also knew that when it was he would do everything that he could to learn it thru and thru. Since he’s owned it he’s been through every nut and bolt in his journey to make it a daily rider which isn’t an easy or fast thing to do. To some people out there the idea of running a rigid frame with a motor that was in a swingarm frame when it was produced is blasphemy but to me that’s merely one of the conveniences of a Harley Davidson. For the most part a lot of guys that put scoots together used what they had or what they could buy to trade for what they needed to get on the road. It’s a luxury that most of them, as well as the next group of builders, have used to the fullest extent!

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Fast forward a few years and as with most things the Pan kinda got pushed to the side and every time that Frank’s brother would visit Frank would ask about it and do his best to get his brother to cut loose of it. Frank didn’t have any luck convincing his brother to let it go until his brother took a shine to a custom Softail that he had built…so the deal was finally made! Frank says when he rolled her out of his brother’s garage all of those memories of he and his brother riding came rushing back and he couldn’t wait to get it going again! Now, Frank’s a good wrench in his own right but he wanted nothing but the best for this Pan so he went to Mike Roberts from Underground Cycles. Mike did a total rebuild from the rods up. Mike knew exactly what would work this time around so he went with a J grind cam, solid lifters, S&S Super E carburetor, and a Mallory distributor to keep things on time. He also went with Shovel exhaust valves to help it breathe a bit better. Mike put quite a few hours into welding and cleaning up the cases to make sure the motor would last Frank for a long time. Frank says it flat out runs!! The transmission needed a bit of attention too so another good friend, Jamie, stepped up and rebuilt the tranny with all Andrews close ratio gears. Frank says it’s the smoothest shifting four speed he’s ever ridden! The seat and grips were made by Frank’s wife Amy, who did a fantastic job. She’s done the leather work on all of Frank’s builds. Frank has a lot of history with this bike and swears he will never sell it. He hopes to pass it on to his son one day with the only stipulation being that he can never sell it, which is something that I can relate to. With all of the love and hard work that Frank has put into this bike over the years it’s no wonder that he won Best Antique at the Cycle Source Ride In Bike Show at Daytona Bike week this year. He also took home another trophy at Tropical Tattoo’s Choppertime show at Biketoberfest. Frank would like to thank his wife Amy for understanding his addiction to this Pan, she truly gets it he says. He’d like to give a big shout out to the Jupiter crew for all of the good times!

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Owner: Frank Girod
Fabrication By: Frank Girod
City/State: Jupiter, FL
Year: 1960
Model: EL
Time: Lifetime
Year: 1960
Model: FL
Builder: Mike Roberts/Underground Cycles
Ignition: Mallory
Displacement: 74 for Life
Carb: S&S
Air Cleaner: Holy 70’s
Exhaust: Paughco
Primary: Stock
Year: 1960
Make: Rachet
Shifting: Jockey
Year: 1957
Make: H-D
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Stock
Type: Hydra Glide
Triple Trees:
Front Wheel:
Size: 16”
Tire: Shinko
Front Brake: Drum
Rear Wheel:
Size: 16”
Tire: Shinko
Rear Brake: Drum
Graphics: Chuck Llewellyn
Bars: Flanders
Risers: Stock
Hand Controls: Internal Throttle
Gas Tank(s):
Front fender:
Rear fender: Stock Hinge
Seat: Wife
Foot Controls: Foot Clutch
Oil Tank: Stock
Headlight: ‘First Year Necell
Tailight: Tomestone
Photographer: Robert Evans

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  1. Featured In The February 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source
    1960s Panhead (Little patience (a) )
    what are the bars are they 2 piece I know it says flanders what style?

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