A Baker Showdown at the Thunderdome leaving only one man standing….

BAKER, a name known for unapologetically innovating, top-end premium drivetrain components in the American Big Twin industry, is once again bringing the mayhem to Sturgis in a way ONLY BAKER can bring it! Who knows more about burnouts than the Drivetrain Authority? And being the originators of the drag style head-to-head burnout competition in Sturgis we are prepared to make this year more monumental than any year before with our Third Annual Smoke-Down Showdown!

The Smoke-Down Showdown begins on Wednesday August 8th – at Dusk, at the Thunderdome. Come stand in the pits and watch the sky for our burnout ramp high in the air above your heads. Feel the energy and witness the chaos as a Baker’s Dozen (13) of your favorite industry builders, tv personalities and celebrity musicians go head-to-head in a drag style burnout competition that will leave only one man standing victorious in the end!

With some amazing personalities already slated for joining us in this night of fire and chaos, and more falling in line, this is sure to be an event not to be missed. Stay tuned to see if your favorite celebrity is on the roster!

For more information on the BAKER Smoke-Down Showdown at the County Line, visit www.bakerdrivetrain.com, or call (877) 640-2004 and ask for Trish. More details will be available as race day nears.



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