“99” Problems Part 7

Over the previous months I have been reaching out to readers and industry professionals seeking a problem or situation and its fix. So, here are some of the problems, from being broke down on the side of the road. To some situations in the shop like including fabrication, painting, electrical, troubleshooting etc… Here is a good mix of some of the “99” Problems!

A few months back we brought our bikes and our toys in for winter storage. Spring will be coming sometime soon. Now would be a good time to do a mid-winter check on them. To make sure they are ready to go.
Battery Tender
Fuel Stabil
Change Oil
Flat Tire

Sometime or another we all end up with used motor oil. Don’t dump it out behind the shop or in the stones. Save it in a container, dispose of it properly. Even better yet, find someone who has a waste oil heater that you can donate your used oil to.

Not all of us have the luxury of a climate-controlled shop. This affects more than you realize, from your motorcycles to your tools. Condensation is BAD! Cold shop / Warm Shop = condensation. Its best to keep the temperature in your shop at least 55 degrees and above this seems to be the best number to keep condensation away. If you are unable to do that, be sure to check is your air tools. Be sure to oil them on a regular basis and this will help fight off any moisture that may be inside them.

A parts washer is great to have around when it comes to cleaning dirty greasy parts. It takes care of them in a snap. But all the dirt and grime that is in the parts washer solvent will always settle to the bottom. That is as good place for it. One thing I have found to keep the solvent a little cleaner is to place a magnet in the bottom of the unit. This will help collect any metal shavings that might be floating around.

Everyday happens one right after another. That means that we are not getting any younger. Your eyesight probably is not getting any better either. With that being said, it is good to have a pair of reading glasses just for in the shop. That fine print in the manual or that number on that carburetor jet. Trust me readers are the way to go and are only a couple bucks a pair!

I recently got schooled… by a company named “Full Bore”. They are a hand cleaner company from Texas. Did you know that waterless hand cleaners contain solvents? We all know that solvents will dry out your skin and are harmful. So now with my further education I have switched to detergent hand cleaners from Full Bore. They are made right here in the USA. Guess what… I no longer have dry cracked skin…. Just clean hands. Full Bore Hand Cleaners product review coming soon!

I work in my shop all day, every day which adds up to too many hours a week that I am on my feet. Fatigue mats are a life saver! Be nice to your feet, back and knees and buy some. They are very reasonably priced; you can get them at Harbor Freight $6.99 with a coupon You get (4) 2’ x 2’ in squares.

I see this all to often. While disassembling an engine or transmission (and I have no idea what people are thinking when they try to remove old gasket material.) I see big gouges and scrapes that were clearly made with a screwdriver or chisel. Either way, it makes for a horrible sealing surface to install a new gasket on. There is a much easier way to do this without doing damage to the sealing surface. Use a Razor Blade Scraper Knife. Just be super careful and don’t slip, we don’t need anyone cutting themselves. Remember to take your time it is not a race.

When fabricating around threaded holes or thread bungs be sure to use anti-seize this will keep the fastener from galling. We all know what galling is… It’s a bad thing! So be sure to use copper high heat Anti-seize to prevent any galling.

Calling all readers and industry professionals! Submit problems WITH fixes and PICS to the email below (Bikes, Shop Equipment, Paint, Tools, Etc.) If there is something that you would like to see a tech article on please call me or email me with your idea!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the shop anytime 419-576-6812

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