Wire Plus Wiring System

Published In The December 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article By: Gary Maurer & Jules   Photos By: Jordan Campbell & Wrench


Well, here we go. When Kustoms Inc. was asked to be the lead builder, with Ron Harris from Chop Doc’s Choppers, we didn’t even stutter. It was hell yeah! Just think, we get to work with Chris (Hooker) Callen and Keith (Bandit) Ball.


This Wire Plus system contains all the major electronic ingredients in one compact package.


This loom contains all the elements for the turn signal system. If you’re not running turn signals, just set it aside.

Little did I know that meant not only building the bike, but ordering the parts from all the great sponsors. That was the great part; no problem. There was a catch. Bandit and Chris wanted us to help write the tech articles. I needed to remind them constantly that we are bike builders not writers.


Gary Maurer (the author, wiring and welding, Kustoms Inc. boss), holding a Fab Kevin license plate mounting system.

But deadlines are deadlines. It’s “let it be written, let it be done.” You know the code, or die trying! With lots of help from them, they made us look like pros. Now back to this wiring thing. The cool thing about building a sponsored givea- way bike is all the awesome parts we receive. This is where another problem surfaced. We don’t pick the sponsors. We had to work with whatever parts might show up, delivered by a uniformed agent


Each diagram explains how to troubleshoot the system using Wire Plus components.

That’s where Wire Plus came in. I have historically handled all of my own wiring — my way. My father was a college professor, and guess what he taught? Just one hint: automotive electrical. So, as you can guess, I know my way around a 12-volt system. I started wiring very young. Dad hauled me to his classes before I could even drive a car.


The real Kustoms Inc. master fabricator: Julie.


Wire Plus provides the much needed 30-amp circuit breaker and the proper gauge battery wire, and mounting fasteners, including sticky rubber pads to minimize vibration to the breaker base.

Since Wire Plus was a sponsor, I ordered a wiring kit with the box and speedo/tach combo. The parts showed up in the dead of winter, and Bandit called all excited that I ordered these great parts and wanted my impression. I told him I was going to cut off this entire rat’s nest of wires and gut the billet box, reuse the empty box and the ignition key switch and speedo. There was silence on the phone line.


This may appear daunting, but take one element at a time, and it falls into place.

I think that was the first time Bandit was speechless. The only thing that was making noise was his brain ticking. How was he going to write about a well thought-out professional wiring system, knowing I gutted the harness and junked it? He came back and convinced me to review the schematic. I reluctantly agreed. I opened the boxes, and I thought there were more wires than the space shuttle. Time to start cutting wires.


We have used Wire Plus speedometer systems on several Bikernet projects.

I slowed down, reviewed the schematics and took into consideration Wire Plus and wellresearched products. I needed to show them the proper respect and give them a closer look. I scrutinized the instructions, the components, and inspected the wiring harness planning. This was a simple chopper and my simple brain told me less was more. After I spilled all this wire out on the bench, something became sort of obvious. This could be brutally intimidating to most people, but not me.



Loom materials and shrink tubing were provided.

There was one specific, neatly bound group of wires designed for the rear, and one directed to the front, and yet another for the center components. Wire Plus configured all the wires in the proper gauges in neatly bound looms. Not that I would ever admit it, but I looked at the instructions (so should you). They were broke down by categories and systems, such as lighting, handlebars, starting, ignition, etc. Each one was easy to read and follow. All the wires were color-coordinated, a must when you wire. Wire Plus had everything covered and organized including high beam, low beam, starter, taillight, brake lights, etc. They didn’t miss a thing, and believe it or not, I only cut out four wires.


The speedo sensor is one element not included in the Wire Plus kit. This is a Biker’s Choice unit.

Wire Plus even interconnected with the Accel ignition system, with the same colored wires. The tach and speedo were plug-andplay. The key was a true ignition, with key start like your car. I know this is the best wiring kit ever. It was easy to install all the correct wires, and the instructions were a breeze to follow.


If you don’t order one of the Wire Plus, all-included ignition switch boxes, this loom contains the starter relay system.


I am glad that I opened my mind to trying something new. I will use Wire Plus systems on my other builds. I know it looks like a lot of wires, but you will use most all of them. But once you lay it out on the bench, read the instructions, and take a deep breath, you will be wired and riding within a day. See more at: http://www. b i k e r n e t . c om/ p a g e s /WI R E _ PLUS_Wiring_System_for_the_ BikernetCycle_Source_15th_ S w e e p s _ B i k e . a s p x # s t h a s h . gai8Corv.dpuf

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