2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner announced, brought to you by GEICO powersports.

2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner announced, brought to you by GEICO powersports.

Garage-Girls are pleased to announce the winner of the 2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover….. Marilyn Elmore Bragg

Marilyn along with 3 other contestants were chosen from a group of over 26 submissions of who was most deserving of an Ultimate Biker Makeover. The final 4 were then placed up on www.garage-girls.com for public voting. The final 4 all had compelling stories of why they were in need of the makeover, but after the publics vote the winner has been chosen.

Winner, Marilyn Elmore Bragg has been down on her luck after she decided to stop working to be a full time caretaker for her mother. It’s been tough for her to make ends meet and has been riding her 1993 XL 1200 since 2004. With over 193,000 miles on the bike she finds herself “making due” with the simplest of things to keep the bike on the road. New riding gear is way far down on her list of necessities. She was hoping this contest could help her obtain some parts and gear she is in dire need of to stay on the road, which she attributes to the only thing that gives her a sense of enjoyment these days.

Marilyn will be getting hooked up with…new riding Jacket and Gloves from Hot Leathers, a wardrobe of shoes from HD Footwear boots, a cleaning kit from Wizards Products, a case of Synthetic oil from Spectro Oils, and a technology case from Otterbox, a set of AVON Tires, a Mustang Motorcycle seat, a set of shocks from Progressive suspension, and exhaust wrap along with other goodies from DEI.

For more information, , visit www.Garage-Girls.com

If interested in getting your company involved please contact Sara Liberte at sara@garage-girls.com

For more information, visit www.garage-girls.com contact Sara Liberte at sara@garage-girls.com


Marilyn 2010BMR

2 thoughts on “2012 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner announced, brought to you by GEICO powersports.

  1. I’d like to use this forum to get out my thanks to all who voted, not only for me but for all the guys and gals who were selected to run for this. I hope you will continue to engage with the Garage-Girls web site to see what’s up with them and their work!

    I also want to be sure to thank Garage-Girls, Sara Liberte, and all the companies who’ve joined with Garage-Girls in this very cool and wonderful opportunity to improve the riding joy of a biker every year as you guys have. Riding is my life, and everyone of the folks who voted for me as well as the work and donations from the companies involved have done something very wonderful for me.
    Thank you.
    Marilyn Elmore Bragg

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