15th Anniversary Subscription Sweeps Bike Build: Part 4

Article By: Keith “Bandit” Ball – www.bikernet.com

Originally Published In The August 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


You’ve been watching this sweepstakes bike come together for four episodes. A terrific chopper industry team was established to build you a one-off, worldclass custom motorcycle. What could be better? Just fill out a coupon or subscribe to Cycle Source or Bandit’s Cantina on Bikernet, and you could enjoy this puppy forever. This segment will demonstrate again the level of quality craftsmanship and passion for our industry guiding this magnificent motorcycle project. We have some fun with these articles, but the level of talent and engineering directed at this motorcycle is impressive. Take for instance, this Crazy Horse engine from John White’s factory in Kent, Washington. A long-term, passionate Indian fan, John is also a highly successful heavy construction equipment business owner. His main business is American Piledriving Equipment (APE), the world’s largest provider of foundation construction equipment.


APE is the number one provider in research and development, production and sales of foundation construction equipment. APE has branch offices in Asia, Europe and every corner of the United States. But a big part of this man’s heart has been devoted to keeping the Indian heritage alive. When the Gilroy Indian factory stumbled in 2005, he purchased the remaining bottle cap Indian engines from the defunct facility. He began to study and refine this sharp looking aircooled 45-degree V-twin. Crazy Horse Motorcycles LLC, based in Kent, Washington, is the manufacturer of the “V-Plus” V-Twin motorcycle engine. They are an OEM supplier of this engine to individuals and custom bike builders. Each engine is proudly made in America with American components. They are basically built around the Evo platform and will fit any Evo model. The only quirky aspect is the carburetor facing out the left side of the engine, which I like, and it creates no obstruction for the rider of any bike with fat bob tanks; otherwise, it is a minor consideration. Plus, any Evo exhaust system will fit these engines. “Our goal is to provide a distinctive, powerful, and reliable V-Twin Americanmade engine. By using superior grade components and craftsmanship, along with a generous warranty, we intend to be considered among the best engine manufacturers in the industry,” said John White, the boss.


For the last several seasons, Crazy Horse supplied engines to Paul Jr. Designs on the Discovery Channel’s American Choppers. Their letterhead says, “Exclusive engine supplier to Paul Jr.” Paul Jr. Designs recently teamed up with Microsoft to produce a unique configuration to Paul, a trike! It is a very exciting design inspired by the new game, Gears of War. The bike features a Crazy Horse Motorcycle Bottlecap V-Plus engine. John secured the rights to build these engines, enhanced the oiling system, the cylinder cooling capabilities, and they even purchased Ramsden foundry castings, which are semi-permanent steel tooling, so even the cases are no longer sand-casted. In fact, this 100-inch V-Plus addresses some of the problems encountered when pushing the size of standard Evo engines, with heavier cases and barrel material for stronger head bolt connections, so this 100-inch configuration based around 3 5/8-inch bore and 4 ¼ stroke is built to last with 9.5:1 compression from Keith Black hypereutectic pistons.


The original Gilroy oil pump was an external bypass pump, which had a problem feeding excessive oil. Then they shifted to an internal bypass oiling system, which also failed. Crazy Horse ditched the old bypass pump and replaced it with a True Internal Bypass (TIB) oil pump. It reduced internal engine oil foaming and did away with all the old oiling issues. This engine affords builders the use of any conventional Evo ignition system, including Compu-Fire, Crane Hi-4, or Daytona Twin Tec systems, you name it. Anthony, or Ant the Master, hand-assembles every Crazy Horse engine. A mystery guest indicated the need to correct the carb mounting, and move it to the conventional right-hand position, but I disagree. I like the unique aspects of the lefthand carb, and the fact that it doesn’t leave the left side bare. Plus, it’s classic, goddammit.


This is now a complete world-class unique 100-inch engine platform used by Paul Jr. on many of his projects, on Brass Balls Bobbers, and by custom builders over the globe. The components are all the finest available, including JIMS sprocket shafts, and all the engines are assembled with JIMS special tools, as the lower end run-out is trued to .0001 tolerance. Can’t get much better.

Crazy Horse Motorcycles “V-Plus

100” engine

All brand new components,


Durable and reliable

Hand assembled

True Internal Bypass oil pump (T.I.B.) superior

to other “improved” pumps

Viewable timing marks

Premium aerospace quality gaskets and


Standard Big Twin mounting points; fits most

frames with minimal fuss

Available either carbureted or fuel injected

Several styles of ignition triggers available,

including conventional cone-type

Optional Retro-Gray color scheme

Left side intake


In addition, the charging system is Evotype alternator and single-phase or threephase systems may be used. Either a Mikuni 42mm or an S&S Super E carburetor can be installed. The latter requires removal of the rubber flange adapter and enlarging the two bolt holes. Every Crazy Horse engine is test-run on their engine stand through several heat cycles and checked for potential leaking problems. Gary and Julie received the Crazy Horse engine in a proprietary molded heavy plastic, high-security engine shipping case, perhaps the most secure engine shipping device I’ve ever seen. No worries. There is one more positive aspect to John’s devotion to the Indian legacy. He recently started a Web site to support all Indian owners: Indian Legacy Riders. The Indian Legacy Riders’ Group is made up of owners of all Indian motorcycles. Its primary goal is to support owners by providing an active and well-maintained online database to locate parts, service, and to supply technical support for their motorcycles. Support is through this Web site and through the online forum, which is a free and open forum to all riders. In addition, Indian Legacy Riders organizes seminars and training through chapter branches strategically located through the United States. They also organize rides to support their favorite brand and the community. They welcome all riders of all brands of bikes. Their online forum also serves as a way to provide help from one rider to another. If you would like to play a larger role on this Web site, such as monitoring or posting of new data please email to: IndianLegacyRiders@Gmail.com If you are in need of a manual for a Springfield, Gilroy, Kings Mountain or Polaris Indian Motorcycle, they may have it! Check out their partner Web site www.IndianLegacyRiders.com, under the “manuals” section and see if they have what you need. As you can see John is driven to support the Indian name and tradition. Check the roller. In the next episode, we will start the sheet metal fabrication process by cutting up a set of Biker’s Choice fat bob tanks. You’ll begin to see the true talents of the Kustoms Inc. fabricating and body work team. Hang on and don’t forget to enter to win this puppy. The odds are terrific. Hell, you only go around once.

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