Where was the point…..

Where was the point where everything just completely fucking derailed? I’m sitting here observing this supposed “biker build-off” and I can’t seem to conjure up the words to properly explain how fucking ridiculous this is. It’s like having a motorcycle building competition facing off Paul Cox against Grant Imihara against any random shitty artist. Or Sloth. Rocky Road? No, build motorcycle. Baby Ruth??
They couldn’t have missed the point by any farther. These Tutles are a fucking embarrassment to the custom motorcycle industry. They are giving a black eye to us all. Now, I know that the majority of people who are going to read this would just rather ride their FXR or whatever the case may be, never giving a greasy shit either way, and that’s cool. You’ve got a hold of it and I commend you. But my means of monetary gain is directly from this industry, and I couldn’t be anymore outright embarrassed when people think that I do what these ass-hats do; Those motorbike abortions.
It’s not even a fucking motorcycle. It’s like a shitty modern art masterpiece that some faggot art student from Minneapolis would think is “really neat”. And then the other guy builds a fucking snowmobile! Hahaha What in God’s name happened there?? Where was the disconnect?? What did they not understand about the parameters of the competition?? Or even miss the words in the tile like “bike” for instance?? I can’t even begin to bend my mind around any reason for building a fucking snowmobile for a motorcycle building competition.
But like I say, you have one person taking it seriously and appreciating it for what it’s worth and then you have these people who are not qualified to be doing what they’re doing, building some sort of sculpture. Poorly. It’s like they told two different bunches of half retarded A.D.D. riddled children to build a bike and they just kind of did something else. Went and flew a kite instead. And the third contestant is laughing about it all and actually building a motorcycle despite the absurd nature of the whole thing.
But you know what the worst part about all of this fucking mess -publicity stunt aside- is? That the masses will probably vote for the fucking sculpture or the computer/flame throwing snowmobile -hahahaha it makes me laugh thinking about it- rather than the only motorbike in the bunch. Jesus Christ, these fuck-asses are making us all concerned look like idiots. But since this is what is broadcast on the television, this is what people actually think the custom motorcycle industry consists of: A bunch of retarded apes grab assin’ and yelling at each other and just assembling parts to look like a space ship.
Mother of God. How is this popular enough to be on television? It hurts my brain to contemplate how far off base they’ve gotten. The point could not be missed any farther. This is getting dumber by the minute. I’m fucking done. Time to shut this shit off. Read a book. Huff some gold spray paint. It’s more healthy than watching that shit.

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  1. hell yeah brother couldnt say it any better!! I am just glad some of us actually see the same on this monstrosity that has tried to invade the custom motorcycle scene!

  2. See, these jerks don’t build bikes for a living, they sell advertising space for a living and build their sculptures or whatever they are as a gimmick. Don’t let it bother you so much – you know what you’re doing and so do the real guys out there.

  3. Discovery channel has created these monsters out of the lust for pure profit, while demanding soap opera ratings, at the expense of an industry I refer to as a way of life…all three builders have whored themselves out in exchange for stardum and large bank accounts, while becoming pieces of shit human beings along the way…extremely pathetic

  4. Thanks for the comments, fellas. Yeah, it’s sad that these people are representing us on T.V. I’m not the biggest Jesse James fan by any means, but at least he’s on track. Christ’s sake, then he comes in second. Only worsening the problem. It’s probably because the real people didn’t vote at all, and I don;t blame them, or didn;t watch it at all, again no blame, but it’s another kick in the teeth for the industry.

  5. 100% agree…Jesse is the only one that built a bike you can actually ride. F’n ridiculous. Only good thing to come out of this show is to see Jesse building again.

  6. Gangster here, Thanx Lemme you said what needed to be said. Their was only one bike builder on that stage last night and I couldn’t give a rats ass what anyone who voted for that piece of shit that won thinks. I own a small shop in CT. called The Shop and have been in the business for over fifty fuckin years. Whatever you may think of Jesse James is your own business, but if you know anything at all about hand crafted ground up custom motorcycle building, then you know if Jesse is anything he’s a craftsman. I’ve always admired his metal working skills, but what he built by hand for that show was off the hook. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum all great mediums to work in, but stainless is a mother fucker, the two years he spent learning “Old School” blacksmithing has taken his ability as a builder to a whole new level and thats bad ass in my book.

  7. One of the reasons I did not watch the show is that I knew it was going to be bullshit.
    Please realize it is T.V. We know from the past years of this type of show what was going to happen and the audience that would watch it. I am sure they also made a lot of money doing it.
    That is the real reason behind it.
    I believe the people who do these shows are out of touch with the Real Bikers and the motorcycles they build and ride.
    Luckilly as a new generation of riders becomes stronger and get involve in this it will force changes.
    By not watching and or supporting this and of course them Not making a lot of money from it, it will eventually go away.
    Stay Focused, Support those that support you and your lifestyle and thinks will improve.
    Just for the record I do not care for Old Man Tuttle. There are numerous reasons but one is at a event with Indian Larry and Billy Lane in Daytona Beach they were both signing autographs for fans. A matter of fact Billy had to put his hand in a ice wrap to relieve swelling.
    In the next lot were the Tuttles and as I walked through it I saw a young boy who had bought a t-shirt waiting to have it signed (there was a extra fee to have the shirt signed after purchasing it) When it was his turn old man tuttle decided he wanted to take a break and said he would be back in a hour. The kids asked if he could please sign his shirt before he left as he and his parents were leaving and he had already paid to have it signed.
    Tuttle was not going to sign the shirt until I started yelling at him and telling him what a piece of shit he really was I took his photo and told him I was going to tell everyone what kind of low life he really was. I will admit I was very loud and used some language that probably not fit for young people to hear But I also gave him the option if he did not like my language to do something about it. He refused. He did sign the kids shirt and sleezed out of there.
    There are more incidents But Hey We all know what he is.
    He and those like him will fade away as the new generation continues to inform people what motorcycling is really about.

  8. Oh please. You “purest” give me the shits. “Oh no it’s suppose to be this way…whaaaa.” For people that strut around like they’re suppose to be tough shit, you leather clad cry babies sure do blow a gasket over the dumbest stuff. Give it rest already. Go back to you shit life being jealous that companies like that make as much building one bike as you dirt eaters do making 10. If could, you’d do it too.

  9. I think Paul Jr is great. He is a true gentleman. And is inovating in the industry. So he uses new technology and admits it’s a team effort. Sure he makes bikes for big companies with their logos all over them but that is business! That pays the bills. To Say that he doesn’t have a passion for custom motorcycles and that he doesn’t belong in the industry is bullshit. He tries new things even if some of it is done with machines. At least he keeps it local and fresh. He and his team have talent. I don’t like jesses or Paul sr.s attitude I feel Jesse is trying to be a typical biker so hard that he has no clue what he should do with himself. He truly is an asshole with no clue. He has tallent but is an asshole! I used to hand build bikes (bicycles) many in fact and
    Jesse James also had a West Coast Chopper bicycle ( Made in Asia) don’t think Jesse is a real bike builder and
    PJD isn’t. Many of jesses bolt on parts were also made
    in Asia. As well as Harley Davidson. The purests of the industry seem to have a problem with Paul Jr. That makes me laugh. Wait till he becomes old school.

  10. Everyone says how talented and creative Jr. is!…ha! all he does is take others great inventions or ideas and put it on two wheels……. like Jesse sayd… he is a cake builder!

  11. idealist, hey bro…actually most of those bikes are a loss for those guys. its for pr and publicity, the earnings of the brand make up for the loss of the product. so no, they dont make that much from 1 bike vs. 10 of another…
    and what in the fuck is a “dirt eater”? im stumped on that one. if dirteaters are guys who dont like stupid shit, then i guess im eatin dirt right now.

  12. I think the Tuttles are the cry babies.
    Yea they have a company that can put together a bunch of parts and paint all pretty. I would much rather ride a bike built but some tough shit, leather clad dirt eater the some yuppie MF any day.


  13. Mr Idealist …. It’s Dickheads like you that keep this crap on TV . I Know Jesse James personaly , and the man is a super talented individual , I’ve been in this business for over 55 years ,and you sir are the one full a shit !

  14. I would rather be a dirt eater than a no talent ass clown that builds bikes that resemble Liberace’s pajamas. The difference is Mr. Idealist, we don’t build our shit for fame or money, we build it for a sense of pride we take in making our own shit and for the love of riding. Why don’t you go slide into your OCC T-shirt and go back to where you came from!

  15. last night, my friends, i was embarassed time to be associated with the motorccyle industry. i am closer to 50 than 40, been riding over 30 years. i am tired of the mockery of our industry, a once sacred domain…where greybeards passed on the secrets of the generator & how to true a rim…where men shared/recycled parts and it was about a functional bike that handled well. Fuck all the reality TV shit. nobody won, everybody loses. Turn off the boob tube, and go to the garage. pop a top, give your bike a once over…and hit the road. ya dig?

  16. gdam, i type bad? i meant, above, “i was embarassed to be associated with the motorcycle industry.”

  17. R u guys f’n kiddin me? Jesse James? Tutles? If ur on tv ur not building bikes ur building junk! Works of art, front porch show pieces! Jesse can’t even build a bike that makes it from long beach to Sturges without breaking down at least 4 f’n times! So don’t try and feed ur bullshit to anyone that has actually been paying attention for the last 15 years! In my opinion there hasn’t been a REAL bike builder on tv since Indian Larry! His shit looked cool…rode straight… And ran…like a bike is supposed to…TO FUCKIN STURGES BETWEEN UR LEGS NOT A FUCKIN TRAILER! Tutles? Their still on tv? Amazing the crap people will watch…u wanna hurt them non bike building pieces of shit? QUIT WATCHIN THEM PUNK ASS BITCHES! It’s not supposed to be about how fast you can slap a turd together and polish the fuck out it so someone says ooooohhhh! Cause its still a Fuckin turd! Someday mf’ers will get that and bikes will be bikes that do more than just go from bar to bar! If ur shit ain’t got over 100,000 miles on it park ur f’n computer mouse and get on that pig and ride it u desk jockeys!

  18. Idealist…. I hear losers like you always screaming change is good, even when change comes and it turns everything to shit. Like the fakes or infections people like you are who can never admit the err of your ways. It is never about the love, just the profit on the sweat of others. The truth is real people in this did it because of the love for what is. If it needed change and a dollar sign many of who you see now would not be in it, so your claim of jealousy could not be more wrong. So shut the fluck up and respect what is. I am so tired of yuppie corn hole smellers like yourself bad mouthing those that as you claim eat dirt when it is apparent the so-called dirt eaters are the ones that pave the way. Like when that half a fag Tuttle and “over the Counter Choppers” were assembling bikes out of a box and Indian Larry came on the scene building his out of raw metal…. Guess who cried and had to change his game to keep up with the hipsters watching that buy his shit… so stop and just admit what has been posted is true as some are in this for the love, while others are just lucky making money trying to be what they were never cool enough to be… Btw who is eating dirt now you hammer head.

  19. LOL at idealist’s comment.

    I have not watched tv in four years, so I didn’t see the show or any of the drama. I saw pictures of all three entrants all over the internet over the last few days. I think that if I were given an opportunity to build whatever i wanted, I would want to build the craziest and most wild machine. I know senior built a crazy snowmobile thing that shoots fire, and that it requires a real stretch of the imagination to even link it to a motorcycle, but if you put that aside, it really is the biggest exercise in engineering and creativity.

    Paul’ Juniors bike looks nice, and it makes a lot of sense to go with a heavy american theme, like a p51 mustang, From what I have read, it only held a gallon of gas, which does not make sense

    Jesse’s bike was finished to the highest standard and looked great, but was not practical. The riding position looks terribly uncomfortable. I ride ridgids all over the country every year, and I would not be able to ride that bike for more than a day or two.

    I think that all three bikes lose, and we lose as well, but if i had to pick one person that really did something cool it would be senior. They all had a platform to do something amazing, and he is the only person that stepped outside the comfort zone and did something new and creative.

  20. It was not a bike build off. It was a show. A drama. That’s what Discovery does. Purists? Please, I guess Idealist is motorcycle expert. I would LOVE to see a real build off. Paul Cox against Dave Cook (even if Dave isn’t building these days) or Hank Young or Paul yaffe or Tabor Nash or John Dodson or the list goes on. But the network only wants big names and silly drama. And the illusion of what the general public sees as bike building continues….

  21. “Dirt Eaters”??? You disrespectful asshole! I don’t see a damn reason why you are on this blog, because you have no real idea what a motorcycling is and what it should be. You are just one of those ass clowns that think that a “theme” bike is cool! Sorry but you heard it last night. A bike is made to ride, and as a matter of fact I know Jesse rode his bike home, because it was such a well built bike. And as you saw it would take that jag off, Paul Jr., around 126 gas stops just to make it back to his home town. For someone that doesn’t know dick about the true meaning of riding, I think you should save the time and not respond to anything else on this page.

  22. well said, wish i didnt watch it but asides from american chopper if its about motorcycles i am watching it.i beleive bike building is a mixture of arts, paint, sculpture, but it has to be confined to the fact its a motorcycle that SHOULD be able to be ridden (and beaten to death). Anybody can jazz up a motorcycle but the parts should all serve a purpose (going, stoping, structural) if its only there because you think its cool, you are just adding weight and that’s not cool. Details means how its made and the styling of said part. Not a bunch of trinkets and flash.That being said a BIG thanks to jesse for saying to them what we all were thinking

  23. Rogue makes a great point on the tuttles…. Idealist you can have your opinion, but i can tell you it wont fly around true people in this industry. We all know that you sir are one of the “arm chair bikers” that cant wait for the new episode every week…… Hell if i had to guess you prolly dont even own a bike…

  24. To put it in context ; The people that watch and vote on this crap are the same posers that have a bike in the garage that they shine and put a couple hundred miles a year on and the people that know them and drool over their shiny bikes and talk about how someday they’ll have one. These are the same people the shot Iron Horses and Big Dogs to fame and blew out the custom bike market and ruined it for the rest of us. Brainless wallets. I’m just happy that this show widened the gap between them and me and maybe now we can go back to building real bikes again for guys that actually want to ride them. Let’s put some of the masters back in the lime light again.

  25. Hey idealist,you ass sucking balless piece of shit. You talk big when there is not a so called leather clad crybaby in your face! You can suck the sweat off my balls asshole! Builders like Jesse James are real and not fake assholes like “American Chopper” and their fake asshole followers. Sr. has some gay punk ass bitch designer to make up his shit and Jr. can’t build a fuckin’ thing unless he can look at something for “ideas”. You call that imagination???? He has to bring a fuckin’ airplane to his shop so he can build a bike???? WTF? Jesse said it best that the bike comes from the heart and soul of the builder.Then there’s MIkey the “artist”. Look at the shit he paints. I have seen grade schoolers paint better than that jackass. Vinnei and Cody,,,,your a couple of sellout assholes like the rest and if Rick had any brains, he’d get the fuck out and do his own thing. Indian Larry didn’t have all this bullshit and look at the things he created. FUCK THEME BIKES AND ALL THAT BUILD THEM!!!! Period!

  26. I fukkin like dirt, it taste good and it feels real nice between my toes.. What happen to Biker Buildoff? I didnt know it was changed to Trailer Queen Buildoff.. Screw the masses and their Fashion Biker Image.. Posers! FTW

  27. What a crock of shit this jealous rant is. Of course Discovery isn’t going to do a show for a dozen angry bike industry nerds who want to watch a guy weld for an hour. The show has been a soap opera from the beginning and the bikes are corporate-sponsored spectacles. That’s the show. About time you change the fucking channel if you don’t like it.

    Unlike you, Lemme, who took 10 years to figure out what the show is about, I’d imagine a vast majority of AC viewers and bike enthusiasts are keenly aware of the difference between practicality, durability, and modest taste in a custom bike vs. over-the-top trailer queen show pieces. No one watched Monster Garage going “I can’t believe how impractical and shittily built that Jet-powered tank is! I’d never drive that over my Lingenfelter Corvette.” No shit. Plenty of people get what these bikes are and what the show is – entertainment.

  28. I think your brain is a little warped from huffing gasoline and exhaust fumes. You keep saying that they are purchasing parts for their bikes and bolting them on. Lame – if that’s the only argument you got, then you’ve got nothing. Did Jesse manufacture his tires? Did he manufacture the engine, brake/clutch controls, wheels? Did he forge the brake calipers? What about the gasoline? Did he pull the crude out of the ground and process it into gasoline? What about the seat? Did he kill the cow, tan the leather, stitch it together and add the stuffing? I didn’t see the foundry or the mines on his property where he produced the stainless steel to make his frame. Did he hand build his chain and handcut each tooth in his sprockets? What about the manufacturing of the hardware… bolts, nut, screws etc. Discovery must have left all of that manufacturing on the editing room floor. You sir are a BOZO. Why be pissed? The Teutals have a marketable product. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be in business.

  29. It wasnt the bike I didnt like it was the mouth and the attitude. He is trashy and that is all there is to it I think thats what lost the build off for him. What was the point of all that trash. Just build your bike and let it speak for you.I wouldn’t want him building my bike for free. He has no class and as far as I am concerned proved what people like you and I have been trying for years to disprove that people who ride bike are all assholes. thanks for listening

  30. For the first time ever I am actually extremely pissed at an idiot on the internet. Idealist, you obviously do not work in or around actual motorcycle fabrication. I doubt you could fabricate a decent dirt pile from the sounds of your intelligence. Go away. Leave this corner of the universe for the men and women that have some talent and integrity. Your beloved “Junior” couldn’t set foot in a fab shop and hold Lemme’s unwashed undies. And YES, I know both of them. I’d take a bullet for Lemme, and I wouldn’t piss on Junya if he was on fire being buttfucked by your old lady. I’d love to slap you around and shit in your pocket. Go away. Dipshit.

  31. I have to agree with you. I can not wait until the point system being put into place by the IMBBA comes to the center stage. This will allow all bike shows to be on the same page when it comes to judging bikes. This point system will also weed out these TV shows and bring the true talent in the industry to the for front. Jesse built a bike with skill and talent. I look forward to watching a true bike build off again on TV when builders like Indian Larry was around and others that truly care about this industry. This industry is filled with talent and future generations are being trained in vocational schools with funding issues in education. It would be sad to think that future bike builders are being influenced by these TV shows. One day all bikes will be judged on their merit and will be classed right.

  32. People like the idealist and and the others that voted for that douche bags last night just don’t get it and never will, They will never know what it is like to pick up a piece of steel off of a rack and create something out of it. It is not about looking in the Drag catalog and ordering it, or having someone else make it and when UPS backs up to the door, bolting it on and calling yourself a bike builder. It’s all about cutting, welding bending raw materials into something that other real builders acknowledge and respect. We have one the Linpnickie award 2 years in a row for 2 of our bikes and we could not hold a candle to most of the builders out there. There is a special sense of pride us dirt eaters get when you create a bike that you can actually ride that is really a bike (not a lawnmower, snowmobile or a trailer queen) to the local bar on bike and other builders admire your workmanship. What other bike builder could look at the shit the Teutuls build and say anything good about it!

  33. I want in on the next biker build off then I could build a diamond plated speed boat then paint it gold! It’s gonna be the coolest boat you ever seen! I’m not bipolar, are you? I’m not.

  34. I couldn’t have said it better even my wife was saying it was bullshit and Jesse should have won that he is the only one that BUILT not bought and assembled a “Bike” not a Fixture not a “Snowmobile” but a Bike.

  35. Who cares?…. From the start of the “chopper craze” I think it was apparent the direction this was going. The fact that there are blogs being written, Facebook posts, tweets and people arguing about last nights (or the night before) show is the exact result of what the show was intended to do. It was advertisement, it was to create a buzz that would allow the “chopper craze” to continue on…and on…..and on. I for one applaud the producers for what they are doing; they have a way to grab a hold of the attention span of the extreme douchebag. The motorcycle fits into the current culture of affliction wearing, tap out screaming, and AXE reeking, chest flexing sheep. The American Chopper show/build-off is designed to appeal to the masses, the ones that are romanticized by the violence they see in Sons of Anarchy, or believe a “bad ass” bike will in turn make them a bad ass. All sorts of companies do the same shit, why do you think the Dark Custom book was created?….

    We all know JJ’s bike was probably the best real motorcycle there. It had its flaws, but my guess is that if they left Vegas for a run to Flagstaff JJ’s bike would be the only one to make it….in a timely manner anyway. I don’t think JR’s constant stopping for gas would allow him to arrive by daybreak.

    I have seen many argue that “choppers” are dead, or that the fad is dying. That TV is bleeding them dry. I hope that is true, because then we can give it back to the people whom really have a deep love for them…. and take it was from the culture rapists hands. Everything has once or will be a fad. For a few years or even decades every social society has had to endure the swarm of douchbaggery. Look at Ed Hardy’s design style, people have been raping that shit for forever. The constant onslaught of so called “posers” has infected even the deep seeded, homegrown, backyard bike culture we all seem to love. Case in point: I have somewhat of an issue with these rockabilly, flannelled army, flipped billed fucks who adorn their bodies with sailor tattoos. The vast majority of them have no clue what a pair of sparrows really mean, or a nautical star, or even the term “hold fast”. The consensus is that my shipmates have pissed more water than they will ever sail across. But I digress, it makes them happy, and it makes them think they are a part of something. Much like the OCC, WCC, PJD, whiskey tango followers out there. I like you should be flattered that so many people think your way of life, your culture; your true being is so fucking cool that it is being copied. Granted, you must waft your way through some bullshit but in the end the founding group will always stick with it and make advances in the culture that will be positive.

    The fad status overwhelms and then negates- Ed Hardy

  36. Never liked the bikes, or whatever they are. When I did watch the show it was like rubbernecking a car wreck. You knew it was fucked up, but you just couldn’t help but see what the dysfunctional dipshits were going to say about each other next. Fact is, some TV exec. massaged the Biker Build Off themed shows into this fucking soap opera. That is when “Johnny I Will Never Own A bike” became involved. That is where the votes came from. The real bike build offs’ back a few years had true rider appeal because not only did you have to build it, you had to ride to a meet and have it judged. Take it for what it is, Dip shit non-riders jacking off to their artwork and pounding their chests about how “they” make their own parts. By the way…I noticed the U.P.S. man delivered your landing gear front fork and rear swing arm so shut the fuck up Vinnie.

  37. Never liked the bikes, or whatever they are. When I did watch the show it was like rubbernecking a car wreck. You knew it was fucked up, but you just could help but see what the dysfunctional dipshits were going to say about each other next. Fact is, some TV exec. massaged the Biker build off themed shows into this fucking soap opera. That is when “Johnny I Will Never Own A bike” became involved. That is where the votes came from. The real bike build offs’ back a few years had true rider appeal because not only did you have to build it, you had to ride to a meet and have it judged. Take it for what it is, Dip shit non-riders jacking off to their art work and pounding their chests about how “they” make their own parts. By the way…I noticed the U.P.S. man delivered your landing gear front fork and rear swing arm so shut the fuck up Vinnie.

  38. What happened to having to ride what you built to the event ???? Sr . Snowmobile wasn’t even street legal. lmao!!!!! Jr, bike couldn’t be ridden that distance, aside from the fuel capacity , the seat would kill ya after the first 100 miles. Jessies scoot might make the trip, if ya was packing saddle bags with tools , some spare parts , electrical tape. there too the seat and seating position would be a real bitch after a few miles.

  39. IDEALIST: you are one of the many who don’t have a clue. INDIAN LARRY AND BILLY LANE WAS A TRUE BUILD OFF. This was simply entertainment for guys like you that don’t ride but pretend to know the lifestyle. I race, ride and party with the best of friends and fellow enthusiasts on the planet and would do whatever I could to make sure they can continue to do the same. Wanna know what it’s really all about? Get out from behind your computer and TV screens, swing a leg over your wife’s Sportster and blast out to CA with me. You probably believe that Pro wrestling is real too and this show was nothing more than that. OCC is the WWE of the motorcycle industry and nothing more than motorcycle entertainment. I’ll be a proud dirt eater til the day I die and be sliding into Valhalla sideways tired but smiling because I enjoyed life in its truest form. Fuck You and everyone like you…lets ride! Lil Evil Out!

  40. I watched it, and I am embarrassed for the industry if this is what it has come to. I am even more disgusted in Discovery for turning something to be discovered into a “fist fight” popularity contest. All the bikes were cool from some angle, I will have to give it to Jesse because his bike could get ridden. It is evident that the producers had their hands all over the production from beginning to end. They got their ratings but I hope it comes with the loss of credibility they deserve. Lets build a real show that shows the time it takes to build something properly much less the time of trials and tribulation it takes to learn the ins and outs doing this craft. Hell, I am going to start now and I dont give a damn if it gets BIG ratings with conjured drama, Life has enough drama to keep anyone interested. Oh yeah and to DISCOVER what a lifelong dedication to doing something right actually takes.

  41. You hit the nail on the head Lemme, even the so called 3 judges said it best when they looked at Jesse James’s bike he built. They all called it “A Rider” a bike you can hop on and ride anywhere, not a bike you just display or something you just said fuck it and built. I was so disappointed at the out come, even my girlfriend was shocked that everyone picked the tin shitter over a REAL no holds bar HOME BUILT CHOPPER!!! Just more PR bullshit for the Tutle Drama!! The worst part was dragging Jesse in the middle of all that stupid shit… Jesse is a true builder of bikes

  42. For what it was it was alright like I said for what it was. It was not a build off. It was a show that discovery put on to make money. Out of the bikes Jesse. But the machine that Sr built looks fun to drive all it needs is some artillery and then we could blow the hell outta everything else lollolol

  43. I’ll tell you where it derailed?

    The discovery channel put the motorcycle industry right into mainstream living room of every house in this country. Which was great at first because it really gave the industry a shove and some great innovations were made . . .some bad ass bikes were built . . . and some kick ass shops emerged. Unfortunately, that shove went a little too far and everybody jumped on the bad ass biker bandwagon! Anyone can be a biker . . .ride their bike, wrench on their bike . . .help their brothers in need, and live the lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are a large number of bikers out there who don’t know a thing about their cycles, own a 5 year old HD with 1200 miles, and buy into trends from clowns like the OCC. Not trying to insult anyone . . .because I know alot of people like this and they are friends of mine. Being a biker has gone from a lifestyle for few (in the ol days) to being a past time for many (now days). So with that change comes good things and bad things!
    As for the Build off . . . I watched it. I agree it is an embarrassment to the motorcycle industry. I only watched it to see what Jesse would bring to the table. I’ll be happy when the Tuetels are off the air!


  44. Okay, “Ziggy”, since assumptions are the proverbial mother of all fuck up’s, you can congratulate yourself on being a proud new mother. I’ve viewed an episode or two in the past and haven’t felt compelled to take part ever since. I knew what it was about from day one, just like you said and I agreed with: Entertainment. It’s a bunch of dramatic artists with little tallent, and I mean this. They are NOT tallented. So this part of your horse shit comment isn’t worth the very little thought you put into it.

    The rest of your comment is one big logical fallacy in all rights. You completely missed my point. You tried to make me look bad by agreeing with me. So now you’re standing on your dumbass soapbox and we’re all laughing at you. Good job. I said that the point where “art” overlapped with motorcycles by these clowns choosing this avenue as their artistic medium is where it all derailed. They make art. I hate it. So do most other people in this industry. The problem is that people who watch T.V actually think that this is what the custom motorcycle industry is about, and it’s not. So now we who build nice motorbikes -to ride, not look at- can’t be taken seriously. It’s a black eye to the industry. You apparently cant read, and I’m surprised the math required to post didn’t stop you after how foolish your comment was. Fuck off and die.

    Matt, I always appreciate and respect what you have to say, but think about this: What if one of these fuck faces like “Idealist” or “Ziggy”, who are too afraid to use their real name, come up to you and think that that snowmobile contraption is a better MOTORCYCLE than your Knuck? See this is what this whole tellevised abortion is doing: Leading people to believe that THIS is what custom motorcycle building is about, and it’s making us look bad. See, I live by the notion that you can do whatever you’d like, until you start inconveniencing others. Then you are wrong. These people are hurting our industry.

    Idealist, you’re out of your element. At least Ziggy can spell and use some good grammar. Maybe check and see if there is a HotBike blog or something where other faggots that have no idea what they’re talking about or looking for would agree with your misspelled, grammaticall incorrect dog shit.

    Thanks to all for responding though, it’s good to keep a fire lit under all of our asses.


  45. Faggot ? Retard? Your an asshole! You are such a looser for using thiese words…I will never read your shit again ..

  46. Hey idealist…..you want to know what your wife told me in the shower this morning? She said she loves a good “dirt eater” in the morning.

  47. Steve,

    Since you are obviously retarded yourself, I’ll help your post a little.

    “Faggot ? Retard? You’re an asshole! You are such a loser for using these words…I will never read your shit again ..”

    Please remember, retard does not necessarily refer to one with Down’s Syndrome. The term is more accurately defined as “not fully developed.”

    Maybe you could develop your grammar and/or spelling before thumping your chest next time. And Fuck Off ;)

  48. Let me get this out of the way quickly since we are already at this crossroads…..

    Sensitive people are funny. I don’t mind offending. It’s commical to me because you can either have fun with it, or cry. People take shit too literally. Come on, Steve, get tough. See, this just goes right along with the spirit of the initial conversation. Back when, people were tough, and heterosexual, and would kick you skull in for being a pussy or an idiot or whatever…. Now there are these panzy ass bitches everywhere. But as long as they appear to be a tough guy on a motorbike all is cool, right? Jesus H. Christ, what next?

    I love being an ass hole! Especially to people I don’t like, and there are a shit-load of them. See, if you are kind to me and respectful, I will give twice as much back. But if you’re going to rail on me or disrespect me, you’re going to get it back, and then some. These two jerk off’s deserved it. Quit being a sensitive liberal hippy, cause you’re in the wrong place for censorship and delicate feelings.

    I’d hate to loose a reader, sincerely, I really would. But you have to know what you’re in for when you run with people who don’t adhere to the social norms. And not because it’s what I’m supposed to do or something, I just genuinely couldn’t give any less of a fuck what anybody thinks about me, save for about twelve people. And they know who they are.


  49. Yeah, Jeremy, Matt is a great human. The world would be a better place if we all were as kind as him.

    And Moespeeds, I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually worked.


  50. Oh you sure told me Lemme.

    “…since assumptions are the proverbial mother of all fuck up’s, you can congratulate yourself on being a proud new mother”.

    Really? Back up your assumption that viewers of a dumb cable show think horse head gas tanks are what the custom bike industry is about. Post the poll you took of all AC watchers that proves they don’t take guys like you seriously. No enthusiast thinks that Batman Snowmobile thing is what custom choppers are about. No enthusiast aspires to own a bike that holds a gallon of fuel. How about you just be honest and say what’s really bothering you- you’re jealous of dudes that are millionaires because their family drama is compelling TV. The show isn’t giving the industry a black eye. Most of the folks I see bitching about it – Jesse James included- are just jealous that they aren’t recognized for their work as much as those guys.

    How about this- thank your lucky fucking stars that show is a hit. You think that isn’t having an affect on bike show attendance, lesser known builders getting some recognition, more attention to the “real” custom bike industry? How about the guys that actually build parts for the “cake decorators” to assemble? I know it’s not cool for the “real” builders to admit the show has put motorcycles on the social map again in a way that hasn’t been done since Easy Rider. But if you’re going to deny the affect, you’re either trying to be a martyr or you are one hell of a shitty businessman.

  51. Cullan- Here is a dude who can argue logically. If you tell me I’m wrong, and you’re good at it, and have valid arguments, you have my respect. Debate is fun. And that’s why I wrote this: To get people fired up and posting on here. It’s a good time and a good intellectual excersize, albeit we have people who simply don’t understand the in’s and out’s of logic and it’s fallacy’s and/or have no idea what they are talking about like Ziggy. But you have these people in every facet of life. So, you’ve just got to make sure you let them know how much they suck at being a human.

    But you’re the only one disagreeing with me and making good sense, and I commend you for it. It’s good to know your limits and to stay fired up about things that matter to you.

    I will say that I live VERY humbly. Lived in my car for the last few years in fact, and I am broke beyond broke. But I absolutly LOVE what I do -writing for the mag and building motorbikes that is. The extremely broke and homeless nature of myself is a testement to this. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I won the lottery, I’d build a really nice scoot that could run the Hoka Hey year in and year out and probably give the rest to my friends.

    Maybe I just miss the ARMY or something, but I honeslty love living this way. But I digress as well. Thank you for arguing with me using some sort of intellectual reason and understanding of the subject matter. I’d love to see ya back.

    Thanks to everybody else for posting as well, whether you like it or not.


  52. Wow. I don’t want to step on any of your toes, especially the builders out there reading this fiasco because a lot of you are building jam-up shit, but who cares about ANY of the build-offs? Why should we care what people who watch tv think about a motorcycle that someone else built for someone else to impress someone else?

    My wife and kids watch America’s Funniest Home Videos or whatever it’s called, and the “audience” almost always votes for the undeserving video. When we start hearing about the deserving being voted in on these shows, it’s time to start worrying IMHO. Stop being the audience.

  53. Its always nice to see someone else getting pissed off about the commercial exploitation’s of TV and media manipulating viewers choice of industries to benefit their pockets …In this instance choosing fake ass bikers to become the winners of a bike build off that should have never existed in the first place,, To even believe for a second that these pieces of shit should even be acknowledged as bike builders is a ridiculous waste of time. Once their Tv series is canceled their “”””bike shops “”” will close shortly after… if they were really in the bike industry they would know that the market is in a totally different place ……

  54. No idea what I’m talking about, huh? Lol, ok. I’ll leave you guys to your witch hunt.

    Now I’m going to go bitch about how American Idol is bullshit for only showcasing pop music. How dare they try to appeal to the masses and shun my interest in authentic death metal!

  55. All three of these Idiots make me miss Indian Larry… OCC are idiots, I don’t even know who Paul jr. is, and Jesse James has been on too many Oscar pre-shows and People magazine covers for my liking… That guy is so bad ass he was on a tattoo reality show talking about love, give me a break……. Next time let’s have a build off featuring HA’s vs. Outlaws …. Now that’s a show I would watch …..

  56. You guys (and gal) are hillarious. Why do we need AC when this bovine scatology exists anyway? Great entertainment here. I think the missing link is closed harnessed sight…the way I see it, there are 3 types of us out here treading ground on this celestial ball.

    Harleyites…. The guys who only see motorcycles as an end to their checkbooks. You know who they are, and so do they. It’s about the brands not about the bikes.

    Enthusiasts…. These are the middle of the roaders who put in 1500-2000 miles on a long weekend, enjoy hopping bars on Friday and have 90 weight on their hands, but not necessarily in their veins.

    Bikers… Those guys living in the back seat of their cars or stripping a Bonny apart on the dining room floor and using the kitchen sink as a parts washer. Anti-social to the point that their own counterculture has become mainstream because the world loves to idolize the marginalized of society.

    For me, I’ll drink a beer with any of ya. Harleyites can pick up my tab at the next show and shine and I’ll be glad to buy a biker a chaser for something stronger to hear a story or two more.


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