DSC_0592You might remember a recent column in Cycle Source about the band Red Fang. They were recently in Pittsburgh and I got to go check ’em out. RT and I knew the spot well as we used to go see many a heavy bands jam here back in the day. When we got there the place looked exactly the same, but dammit, where the hell was everyone we knew? Oh shit the place was full of little shits that totally didn’t look old enough to drink! Ah shit, does this mean we are getting to be the weird old people at rock concerts? Tell me no, please….. Anyway, one other thing I picked up on with these little shits, since when did dudes give up on trying to get laid? Really, seriously these dudes were so ugly, nasty looking hair, greasy faces, smelly clothes, wow, they have just given up on any attempt at trying to attract the opposite sex… I dunno unless young chicks find that look hot these days…. Who the hell knows… anyway, back to the band. Red Fang took to the stage with minimal equipment and ROCKED the place……… Holy Shit these guys sound better live…. Makes me love these guys even more. Nothing I hate worse than going to a show that SUCKS…. We had a great time, the guys were nice enough to sign some stuff for us and we sent of some cool xmas gifts to PAul at BKC and Wildman. Thanks Red Fang see you guys on the road again soon I hope! seriously we need to get these guys to play in Sturgis.. who’s

with me???? Maybe Full Throttle Rock can help decide what bands play

the rallies this year? Give us your input and if you have some suggestions for bands we should check out, hit me up at Sara Liberte www.rallytvonline.comDSC_0742


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  1. So bad ass tha tthis article came from a bunch of us in a hotel room in Vegas listening to the song to a real article in the mag. Sara is a bad ass and Red Fang RULES!

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