The Greasy Dozen

Celebrating The Builder Collective

Article By: Bear

Photos By: Mike Vandegriff, Rob Sparkman, the builders and Bear

Originally Published In The February 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

The Greasy Dozen Run has always been a group effort; without the help of industry friends, the garage builders that participate and the grassroots riders that attend, it wouldn’t be possible. We have never liked the us versus them mentality, cliques or big dollar events that cost a few hundred dollars for a weekend of camping. We set out to create something that was simple and about the bikes and builders. It seems the idea was a hit, both with sponsors and grassroots riders. Offering direct support to 12 garage builders, inspiring them and putting gift cards in their hands from like-minded companies. Since its inception, this direct kind of support has been the basis of the Greasy Dozen Builder Collective.

The first year we did actual hard parts shipped to each guy. Early sponsors can attest to what a marathon of emails it was to figure out what 12 guys wanted from a dozen sponsors, with people changing their mind a few times along the way. The gift card format has been a blessing, making sure everyone gets equal amounts of support while letting us focus on throwing a kick ass pre-party. The pre-party is set at a motorcycle salvage yard called “Rice Paddy Motorcycles,” with musical acts like Ride to Ruin, followed by a run to the Clark Family Farm the next day for a cook-out and bonfire celebrating grassroots motorcycling! Mentors and friends like Bill from Biltwell, Bobby from Indian Larry Motorcycles and Walter at Kick Start provided support, inspiration, and encouragement that was instrumental in our success as well.

Keeping it simple and about the builders was what we envisioned in the beginning and it’s the right recipe! It’s still free to enter and still no cost to attend the event! To date, 48 garage builders have participated in the program and yet not a single winner has been announced. Everyone always asks “who won?” See, the thing is we call it a “Builder Collective” for a reason– there are no winners! All 12 builders are winners of great support from sponsors and a party in a field with a bonfire, camping, and cookout. That’s the format and that’s how it will stay! All in all, it’s been a labor of love and it will remain FREE to enter and free to come to our little party #thegreasydozenrun! No vendors and no bullshit just a good time with like-minded people.

Like we said the first year, this is not a tough guy thing or a money thing, it’s about building/riding motorcycles and having fun! We want to thank Chris @cyclesourcemagazine for the opportunity to do a recap of the 2016 run and builders, the team at The Horse for their past and hopefully future features of builder’s bikes. A very special thanks to the long list of rad companies that have supported the Greasy Dozen Builders and run over the years. Biltwell, Burly Brand, Chopcult, Cycle Source Magazine, Indian Larry Motorcycles, Kick Start Cycle, Kundratic Kustoms, Led Sled Customs, Lowbrow Customs, Lowside Magazine, Old Bike Barn, Show Class Mag, S&S Cycle, Speed Dealer, TC Bros, Death Co & Easyriders Magazine.

Thanks to the 13 guys that participated this year! Pete Woodward; Peter Watkins; Zane Cook; Darryl DeKeyser; Larry Allen; Chris Hench; Luis Gilberto Garcia; Peter “PJ” Grakauskas; PJ Brown; Angus Pattison; Doug Buchanan; Jesse lackey; Omar Ramos

Peace & Grease -Bear

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