The Chopper Culture is alive in Myanmar


When I entered the country of Myanmar ( it used to be called Burma), I came in contact with some of the local biking crowd. These were my kind of guys. They built and rode their own bikes and really stand out in a crowd. In a country where the Communist government is very strong and have many restrictions, this is not always a wise decision. They not only didn’t care but even formed a motorcycle club called The Eastern Eagle.  The government would not even let 3 or more of their club ride together and one time up until a few years ago. That is just one little part of the difference in cultures here. Another is the availability of aftermarket parts. Basically their is none. When I mentioned EBAY, I found out that the government restricts money transfers leaving any of these avenues out. When these guys want a custom part, they either have to have it smuggled in or buy it off the black market ( after someone else smuggles it in). The other option is just make it themselves and that is what they usually end up doing. That is exactly what they did here.

DSCN1588Billy and Warren lane started making their wide rear tires for their bikes back in the late 90’s ( way before Choppers Inc came about) because you couldn’t buy a wide rim. Here they did the same thing by using and automobile rim and punching the spoke holes and then making a custom spool and adapting it to the Honda hub and brake.

DSCN1595Many of their influences are what they have seen in magazines or on TV although even that is very limited as much is censored by the government.

DSCN1608I really liked the lines on this chopper. I liked it even more when the President asked me if I wanted to take it for a ride. Not sure what the law is here concerning foreigners and motorcycles but I jumped at the opportunity. Here is the video with some of the riding highlights-

Going for a ride, I didn’t get time to shoot much of this Yamaha that was equally note worthy-

DSCN1605 On our ride I got brought to the secret stash- the mekka of chopperdom and everything cool! It started out with a U.S. military Willys Jeep being restored to brand new condition-

DSCN1628These were like the jeeps that were in my motor pool in Truck Company back in my Marine Corps days so I felt a special attachment to it but then they led me into another area where more goodies were waiting.

DSCN1636parked all around this vintage VW bus were even more custom motorcycles.

DSCN1637I picked out the one that I would like to come back and finish, Bean’re style. This Honda Rebel chopper. Oh yea, plenty of good times here and proof the the chopper culture is alive in other parts of the world.

DSCN1642An extra special thanks to The Eastern Eagle MC for welcoming me in and showing me some good scooter hospitality.  I hope our paths cross again one day soon. Until then, Enjoy the Ride!


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  1. Dar March 5, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Beanre is awesome

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