Supafly Pan

Article By: Roadside Marty

Photos By: Carsten Fritzen

Originally Published In The December 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Have you ever seen a bike that just “looks” right? One that you look over several times trying to find something that you would personally change if it was yours? Well, after seeing this beautiful Pan all over the Southeast from The Smoke Out to Bike Week and Biketoberfest in Daytona I can honestly say the only thing I would change is the name on the title to mine! Chris Wade is the brother who owns the paper to this baby and he’s like everyone I’ve met from North Carolina, rock solid stand-up people! Chris who hails from Eden N.C. right on the outskirts of Charlotte first started riding bikes when he was in the Marine Corps and stationed in Oahu, Hawaii, yeah I know what a terrible place to be stationed. When his enlistment was up he went back to North Carolina. Some of his earliest memories were of choppers outside of a shop on Highway 16 called Eden Chopper Shop owned by M.L. Hyler. He was also fortunate enough to spend time hanging out with another local legend Roland Grant who used to paint bikes for most of the local clubs back in the early 70’s. Roland also sold Chris his first Harley. These fond memories gave Chris a good idea of what he eventually wanted to build. Well, that and going to the Smoke Out back in 2001 and seeing some of the bikes that Indian Larry and Billy Lane had built.


This bike originally came from a good friend named Clutch Diefenbach about 10 years ago with a Shovelhead top end and a set of cases that had more welds than a he could count. But since he had always dug the look of the Pan motor he didn’t hesitate to take it off Clutch’s hands. This is actually the second rendition of this Pan. To get thing started he had Ben Edwards at Ben’s V Twin in Matthews N.C. rebuild the motor with S&S generator cases along with a set of OEM 1964 outside oiler heads to replace the blown cases and Shovel top end. Chris says it’s been stroked to 90 something inches and it just flies down the road. Another good friend and local builder Ben Jordan hammered out that sweet gas tank while Craig Tirey from Front Street Cycles made the stainless bars and rear fender. The front end is a 39mm from an old Sportster that he shaved down and topped with a set of Bling’s Cycle fork caps. Chris is a huge fan of Bill’s work and wanted to use some of his parts.

Joshua Frazzitta of Throwback Motorcycle Parts made the custom “Vato Loco” risers in memory of a lost brother, Jimmy Prandoni. The sissy bar was repurposed and modified from a stash of old ones and re-chromed. That killer paint job was laid down by a young gun painter out of Boiling Springs, S.C. named Harrison Klickman who not only did a great job but also kept to the deadline, using House of Kolors paint. Harrison did all of the candy, flake. fading, pin striping and flames just like Chris remembered from the times he saw bikes outside Eden Chopper Shop. The Brembro brake is probably the only leftover part from the original bike that he got from Clutch to which Chris says those Europeans sure know good brakes! The frame is from the donor bike that had the outside oiler heads and since it had no markings to identify it Chris thinks it’s an older 70’s or early 80’s aftermarket frame that he and Ben modified 2 inches up and 2 inches out for a better fit. They used 1/4-inch steel for all of the brackets and mounting points.


The beautiful gloss black powder coat on the frame was done by Ben at his powder coating business SPPC. The transmission is all genuine Harley Davidson and is a later 60’s model with the electric start ears so Chris could have kick and electric start and for that he used a Rivera Primo inner primary that he knew could handle the extra torque from the stroker motor. Chris did say that it took a lot of serious machining to mate up the cases and the transmission properly, almost to the point of line boring the cases. The starter assembly was completely rebuilt and an old original tin primary cover that Ben also powder coated was fitted to finish it out. The forward controls are an aftermarket item that were modified to run Speed Dealer foot pegs. The BMX moto style grips and mirror are Speed Dealer items as well. The knurled shift knob was a gift from Bruce Meadows over 10 years ago. He stuck with the tried and points ignition and the ever reliable Cycle Electric generator to handle the charging duties. Chris didn’t see the need to fabricate a set of fancy pipes so he went with a set of 2 into 1 pipes from Paughco to keep a throwback look. Eric Stein kindly donated the 5-star brake rotor that was hanging on his wall for his next project. The seat is an Anvil Customs piece and it fits Chris and the bike perfectly. Add some one off brass machined pieces along with the older cloth style wiring that he used and the bike came out exactly like he had wanted. This bike couldn’t have happened without all of the brothers mentioned above and Chris wants to thank all of them! Thanks for sharing your bike with us brother and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


Supafly Pan Tech Sheet

Owner: Chris Wade

City/State: Indian Land, SC

Builder: Ben Jordann & Owner

Year: 1953

Model: Panhead

Value: Whatever You’ll Pay

Time: 2 Months


Year: 53/64

Model: Panhead

Builder: Ben’s V-Twin,Matthews NC

Ignition: Points

Displacement: 90”

Pistons: Fast

Heads: 64 OG Oilers

Carb: S&S

Cam: Andrews

Air Cleaner: Steinway Hardware

Exhaust: Paughco

Primary: Bo’s Garage


Year: 1953

Make: Harley-Davidson

Shifting: Suicide



Make: Sweat Shop

Rake: +2

Stretch: +2


Builder: Crafters Metal Fab

Type: 39mm

Extension: BR549

Triple trees: Shaved


Front Wheel: Harley-Davidson

Size: 21”

Tire: 3/4 Tread

Front brake: Missing

Rear Wheel: Harley-Davidson

Size: 16”

Tire: 1/2 Tread

Rear Brake: Brembo Fastlane Modified


Painter: Harrison Kickman

Color: Red, Black, Silver

Type: House Of Kolor

Graphics: Horrible Harry

Molding: T&S Flameworks

Chroming: Clutch Diefenbach


Bars: Front Street Cycles

Risers: Throwback Cycle Parts

Hand controls: Speed Dealer Customs

Gas Tank(s): Ben Jordan

Front fender: Plan B

Rear Fender: Front Street Cycles

Seat: Anvil

Foot controls: Speed Dealer Customs

Oil Tank: Sweat Shop

Headlight: Trophy Tom Special

Tail light: Dim

Speedo: What For?

Photographer: Carsten Fritzen

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