Panstock 2016

Bringing It To The People

Article By Mitch ‘Magoo” Bodine

Photos By: Mad Stork, Pete McGill and AJ Milmoe

Originally Published In The December 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

It’s funny how we as a community come together for something when it really counts. When we loose someone or when someone is in need within the boundaries of our motorcycle family, we jump in the mix and stand to be counted. This is the story of how, on a hot New Jersey summer day a simple backyard party dubbed Panstock would turn into a living memorial to a man and his dream. After five years of Panstock being held in Richie Pan’s back yard I this was the first year it would be open to the general public. Attendance was over 1100 and even with the scorching heat it was an overwhelming success as the bikes seemed to go one forever waiting in line to get a spot. Von Rothinfink and Cindy Pan where the master minds of the event and together with friends and family the worked tirelessly to bring it to this new level. Cindy said it best, “It’s very important to me and my family that we focus on the positive and move forward with Rich’s legacy. This isn’t a backyard party anymore. The man was a legend and deserves an epic event”.

This year’s event would see some great new features… Imagine, Rock- N-Roll, a bike show and some killer artwork. at a bike event. That’s exactly the kind of smart ass quote that Richie might have made, seems fitting here..… Inside the event hall the new face of sarcasm sat in their booth together, the Frizzell Brothers, George The Painter and Just Jimmy….. Hahaha. They had some really great work played out along side of some other great artists as well. The bike show was put together by yours truly with help from a number of great sponsors. Over 50 bikes signed in for the show and half of them where panheads, very appropriate! My judges for the show where all legends and friends. Paul Cox from Brooklyn, Tim Vanderbas from Brooklyn and NJ legend and king of cool Tommy Granger would be picking the class winners. A little funny story here, I was explaining to my judges that the different color stickers on the head lights represent the different classes, Shovel, Pan, Knuck, Flatty and Sporty.

Paul ask me if that was in case they didn’t know the difference! Funny man! Best Pan was won by Bob Timko with his beautiful red pan. Bob was honored to win the trophy that Mike from 47 Industries made from a pan cover and other parts from Richie’s garage. Bob and Richie go way back to early tattoo days, it was definite good mojo and a better person couldn’t have won. Other winners where best Shovel -Paul Ventura, best Knuck-Jerry Merola, which you will see in a feature on these pages. Best Flatty winner was Bob Crank whose beautiful red 51 was featured in Cycle Source in the past and best Sporty winner was Kevin Graham. All of the winners received an awesome box of goodies from the many sponsors that helped me put the show together. Big thanks to Blings Cycles, Led Sled Customs, Nash Motorcycles, Biltwell, Low Brow Customs, and Bel Ray Lubricants. Wall Stadium Speedway gave away two tickets for each class winner. My good buddies at 10th Ave Burrito gave gift certificates and t-shirts.

The Pans want to thank all of the family and friends that donated their time to make the event happen. A big thank you goes to Harley Davidson of Ocean, Hecht Trailers, Rider Insurance and Meathead’s Subs for their sponsorship. Steve Murfasky was the promotional man who attacked FaceBook and other social media daily with updates. Steve also put together an awesome band lineup that included Patty Lou and the Ingrates, and Full Throttle. The Headliner was swamp rock master Rory Kelly, who used to be in the legendary Crank County Daredevils. Rory killed it with blistering guitar work. It was a great day of old and new friends meeting up and bullshitting, listening to killer rock n roll and checking out beautiful bikes. I’m sure Richie was looking down smiling, thinking about the years that Penstock was just a get together for him and some of the boys. Who would have thought that it would ever rise to such heights. But hey, this was the rocket ship ride that Richies life was just about to take and we are glad t see that there is no shortage of fuel to keep the fire light. Look out for next year’s event which will be a multi-day deal with camping and more rock n roll, more bikes, more hotrods and more mayhem. Look for more info in upcoming issues of Cycle Source.

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