How To Install A Bandlands Illuminator

Article By: Daniel Donley At Pandemonium Custom Choppers –

Originally Published In The July 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


The lighting on most motorcycles these days seems to be very lack luster. With safety always being a concern when we ride, we want to be seen not just heard. Badlands Motorcycle Products has a great line of lighting products for your bike, and it’s made right here in the USA! This month we are going to install the Badlands’ Illuminator run–braketurn module and the Radiantz LED lighting on a 1990 FLH.


The Badlands’ Illuminator module will give your bike 3 running lights. When you hit your brake, it illuminates all 3 lights. When you use your turn signal, it maintains the other light as a run light. We are also installing Radiantz LED lighting for all of the lights: brake, turn and fender tips. Badlands offers several different products and one of the services they offer is custom making a part to fit your application. They custom made a brake light with the license plate illumination on the bottom for our application. They included a smoked lens in the front and red in the rear fender tip lights.


Start by removing all of your lenses and light bulbs.


Be sure to use Di-Electric grease on all lighting sockets and plug connections. This eliminates the chance of any corrosion.


Now, install your new Radiantz LED lighting


This product is very simple to install because Badlands has made the connections Plug-n-Play


The rear lighting plug in the rear fender area is where we will be installing the Illuminator run-brake-turn module.


For the early model bikes you will need to assemble the connector to the module. This is easily done with standard wire crimpers.


To give Deutsch crimp connections even more security, I soldered them. Badlands provides very easy to understand and follow wiring directions for the installation of this module.


We mounted and grounded the Illuminator module under the seat with small Allen screws. Be sure to zip tie your new connections to the chassis away from any moving parts.


This install was very straight forward. The performance from this upgrade is awesome. The lighting is so intense that when I tried to take a photo for this article, it was blurry.


Badlands’ products are made in the USA and the performance and quality is top notch! Thanks to Dan Lambert for letting us do this upgrade on his bike. He is one happy customer with some bright lights!

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