Cheap Thrills

Article and Photos By: Mitch “Magoo” Bodine

Originally Published In The July 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Asbury Convention Hall is a legendary venue, a real who’s who in rock-n- r o l l . Led Zeppelin played there once; KISS, Black Sabbath, James Brown, The Rolling Stones and so many more that I can’t possibly list them all here. If only the walls could talk…they stories they would tell! Lucky for everyone it is also the home to Dusty’s Cheap Thrills Show. My wife and I pulled up to the convention hall the day of the show to unload some bikes that we had brought. I immediately started reminiscing about the old days; back in the late 70’s, early 80’s there were car and motorcycle shows every year at the convention hall. Dusty’s Cheap Thrill Show carried the same vibe as back in the day. Bikes were displayed in the main hall while the swap meet vendors set up shop in the auditorium. Dusty put the show together with help from Rich at Lowside Magazine and east coast king pin Walter Gemeinhardt from Kickstart Cycle Supply. 47 Industries jumped on board and brought the now legendary “Unfinished Bike Show” to Cheap Thrills. I was lucky enough to have one of my personal bikes in Mike’s show. Based on the entries in the “Unfinished Bike Show” there is going to be a lot of cool bikes coming out soon. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to be able to share of few of them on these pages in the future.




With 72 entries in the Cheap Thrills Show it made me realize that we have some of the best looking bikes in our area. There were awards given out for Best Of Show, Best Paint, Survivor, plus a whole lot more. It was pretty cool when my good friend the Kind King of Cool and NJ legend, Tommy Granger took the Best of Show award with his ’64 Panhead. Tommy has owned this bike for over 38 years and actually used to show it in the Asbury Shows way back when. The Survivor Award went to Adam, whose dad, Ziggy, left him the bike when he passed. Adam has kept the bike in the same condition it was when Ziggy showed it during the 80’s. Best Paint went to my buddy Tom Fruend for his Shovelhead that was built and painted by French Kiss Customs, which was featured on these pages in the October 2015 issue. Some of the crew from TROG were on hand with their beach racers. But the highlight of the entire show was the “Gyronaut X-1”that Rob Ida brought. The Gyronaut X-1 was the world’s fastest motorcycle from 1966 through 1970, going over 245mph at Bonneville. What a treat it was to see that kind of motorcycle history in person. All in all Dusty and the guys did an awesome job bringing the show back to Asbury Park. Be sure to check out Dusty’s upcoming events on Instagram @cheapthrillsnj




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