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June 2017- In This Issue


Rusty Moonshine

It’s the art of the build and the passion for what you do that shows through the work. Ryan McQuiston is a man with passion and it definitely shows in the work that McQuiston’s Chopper Designs produces. Buried within a sea of customers’ bikes and a handful of classic cars, Ryan is a craftsman and has spent numerous hours honing his skills and dialing in techniques that help set his bikes apart from the rest.



Old Daytona Bike Week 2017- 2017 Was Like A Trip Back In Time

Daytona Bike Week is the official beginning of the riding season for us every year, so it was with great haste that we were making plans and preparations to attend the Spring annual, but when we got to Florida this year, we found something completely different.


Cheap Thrills- Upgrading Old Shop Equipment

Our shops continually change as time goes on, new equipment, better processes, we are continually evolving and growing. But, man alive, replacing major equipment in the shop sometimes can get very expensive quickly and is not always necessary. Sometimes just a simple upgrade can go a long way. I have had this sandblast cabinet since day one and even back then money being tight I purchased it second hand. I’ve done a few upgrades to it over the years with the addition of quality scat sandblasting gun which back then was leaps and bounds better than the one it came with.


XS650 Chop-Off – Damn The Rain, There’s A Party In Ohio

For four years in a row now Pandemonium Choppers has been putting on a unique event for an often neglected little motorcycle, the XS650. Up until five or six years ago, the industry had nearly forgotten about this specific bike and its deep roots in the beginnings of custom bike building for so many. Its light and agile chassis provides a great platform for rippers and choppers so as the younger generation started coming in for another round of bike building hijinks, many of them began right there.



Sons (And Daughters) Of Speed- Billy Lane’s Inaugural Event

Howdy motorbike enthusiasts! Man, do I have a doozy for you this month!!! I have so much cool stuff to share with you that is part-one of a two-part series. First off, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who helped me achieve another dream come true. Seeing my bike on the cover of the last issue of this fine publication was absolutely amazing.

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