’64 Duo Glides

Article By: Roadside Marty

Photos By: Daron Gray

Originally Published In The September 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

I’ve known Eric Stein for a few years now and every time I hear that he’s building a bike I look forward to seeing it. This Pan was no different as he told me that it would be done in time for Chopper Time at Daytona Bike Week this year. Now, Eric’s been to the show before but when he said he wanted this Pan to be done in time for it I knew it was going to be a real head turner. Apparently Bill Dodge (Bling Cycle) thought it was just that as was his pick as a guest judge. Eric says it was a huge honor; he’s always admired Bill’s work. Eric grew up with a natural interest in tinkering with things so it was inevitable that he would eventually get into bikes. As is the case with most of us, Eric wanted to find a bike made the same year he was born, it certainly didn’t hurt that he’s already got a beautiful ‘64 Chevy C10 in his stable, so the Pan was gonna be in great company.

Like a lot of bikes these days, this was found on Craigslist while Eric was killing some time at work. He says he wasn’t actually looking for a new project but when the ad for this ‘64 popped up he knew he had to pull the trigger. He didn’t want a stock Duo Glide so this bike was perfect as it was the previous owner’s idea of a 90’s type custom. Eric was the first to call so the owner said he would be the first to look at it. So after 3 days and a 2 1/2 hour drive he paid the man and headed home. The seller said it hadn’t run in several years but Eric felt that he was a man of his word when he said it ran perfect when he parked it. After the usual carb cleaning, new points and resetting the timing it fired right up! The motor and trans were good from the donor bike so all he did was add a OTB air cleaner with a moon eyes super E adapter ring.

At this point Eric wasn’t exactly sure what direction he wanted to go with it so he found a set of OEM correct year tanks, rear fender and the correct front end with new rubber and just rode it around for a month or so set up in a traditional bobber style. Now, this style was the direction he decided to take but he wanted a bit more of a race look that gave the build a few tweaks like the tracker type bars that the guy’s over at Prism Supply bent up for him. Eric ended up using one of their new stainless jockey shift levers and one of their LED taillights which really performs well. The frame, struts and a few other miscellaneous items were delivered to Southern Paint and Powder in Waxhaw NC where Ben Jordan laid down a beautiful coat of gloss black. As always with a custom bike a paint job can make or break the finished build so Eric went to one of the best painters on the East Coast, if not the country, Rusty Nash of Paints by Rusty in Murrells Inlet SC. Once Rusty had laid down the absolutely flawless black paint with orange scallops his good friend Mick Forrest of Olde Soul Pinstriping did that incredible Harley Davidson lettering inside the scallops. Eric said the paint job and lettering exceeded his expectations and is by far his favorite aspect of the bike and I must say I have to agree with him!

With a nod toward the traditional hot rod world Eric went with a set of Mooneyes foot pedal pads instead of the traditional black rubber; which totally go with the theme and look of the bike. One of the weak parts of most Pans are the exhaust systems and the slip fit of the header pipes but believe it or not the stock type pipes with the three-piece pipe system works surprisingly well so Eric kept it but added a small megaphone muffler; which really keeps the race theme. I really like the OEM hinge fender part removed as well as the aluminum headlight nacelle along with the 18” front wheel that really sets the bike up perfectly. You never know how a build will be received when it’s completed but with this bike taking 2 trophies in its first two shows it gave Eric great satisfaction, especially when some well-known builders gave it the nod. Although he doesn’t build a bike for those purposes, he says it’s still nice to be well received. As always Eric would like to thank his beautiful wife Allison for all of her patience, support and understanding during this build! Great job brother, we’re looking forward to see what you come up with next!

‘64 Duo Glide

Owner: Eric Stein

City/state: Indian Trail, NC

Year: 1964

Model: FL

Value: North Of 10K

Time: 3 Months Or So


Year: 1964

Model: Panhead FL

Builder: Unknown

ignition: Good Old Points

Displacement: 74”

pistons: Yes, 2

Heads: Motor Company

Carb: S&S Super E

cam: Sifton 416

Exhaust: 2 Into 1 W/ Megaphone

Primary: BDL


Year: 1967

Make: Harley-Davidson

Shifting: Hand Shift, Foot Clutch


Year: 1964

Make: Harley-Davidson

Hardtail: Nope, She’s A Swinger

Front end

Type: Hydroglide

Builder: Harley-Davidson


Front Wheel: 40 Spoke

Size: 18”

Front Tire: Firestone ANS

Front brake: Mechanical Drum

Rear Wheel: 40 Spoke

Size: 16”

Rear Tire: Firestone ANS

Rear brake: Juice Drum


Painter: Rusty Nash

Color: Black & Orange

Type: Smooth As Glass

Graphics: Old Soul Paint Werks


Bars: Prism Supply

Risers: OG HD Split Bar Riser

Hand Controls: Stock Type

Fuel tank: OEM

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: FL Hinged

Seat: Corbin Gentry

Foot Controls: HD Floorboards

Oil tank: Chrome Horseshoe

Headlight: Bates

Taillight: Prism Supply

Speedo: None

Photographer: Daron Gray

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