Just call me shorty, I’m rich though!

article-2086996-0F78B07400000578-904_474x372San Diego man awarded $7.5 million for penis injury,

An active duty noncommissioned Navy officer was awarded $7.5 million by an El Cajon jury in a settlement from an injury that shortened the man’s penis, permanently injuring him as a result of a motorcycle crash.

The accident occurred when Matthew Wall, 23, collided with a shuttle van, causing the injury that would eventually shorten his penis by nearly one inch.

Officials say the motorcycle accident occurred as he was turning left  when the shuttle truck turned in front of the Navy officer, causing his Harley-Davidson to crash into the moving vehicle. Wall suffered a crushed pubic ramus bone including a catastrophic injury sustained to his penis.

The injury was treated with reconstructive surgery but resulted in a loss of 1.5 inches to his penis length including nerve damage.

More than just helmets are needed anymore I guess you need to start wearing cups.