Just another Monday Morning….. Maybe…….

The start to the week was just like any other or so I thought. As we were was sitting in the office drinking the first cup of coffee and trying to wake up. There was a knock at the door. I look over at Daniel and say to him are you going to get that? He just looked at me blankly. I went over and opened the door. I was surprised by who was standing outside my door. I recognized him before he could even speak. I said well hello. DSC09254Claude from Kustoms Syndicate, Switzerland. Stopped by the shop for a visit. I walk back into the office and tell Daniel who was here and I don’t think at first he believed me. So we showed them around the shop and talked over a cup of coffee. I could not think of a cooler way to start my Monday out. It was then getting near lunch time so we decided to take them out for lunch. While sitting at lunch and talking a subject came up to the word “Maybe” Claude says that what our version of Maybe is to him is that it means “NO”. He says that anyone who has ever told him “Maybe” they never do it. So this had me thinking. He was so right, when most of us do say maybe we are just saying it I guess to be nice, but we really mean no. So this made me really stop and think from now on I will try to not use the word “Maybe” . The other topic of discussion was how it is a dream of theirs to live in the USA, that they dream of having what we do. To be able to OWN a house, Car, land, etc. That some of the things that we take for granted in our own country other people from other countries just dream of having what we do. They say that they couldn’t even afford a house because just for rent on a tiny apartment is more than what most of us pay in mortgage payments. The cost of a meal at McDonalds in Switzerland is $15 for one person. That is crazy!!!! So this Monday turned out to be very cool like not other. Made me take a look at everything and really see. Its really different the way that other people view our society and our country.

Glad to have spent the day with a friend from Switzerland.! Claude from Kustoms Syndicate. Check out Claude’s website and some of the way cool stuff he does!