Guilty Customs "Tail Burners

250x250 Static Guiltywebad copy   ring light 2

We would like to welcome CJ of Guilty Customs to the blog. As most of you know, CJ represents the Limpnickie Lot with pride. Made is the USA folks!

Why put "run-of-the-mill" lights on your custom built ride? These custom hand made tail/brake lights will make sure your ride stands out from the crowd. Each one is hand made and numbered. No fancy LEDs either. These hand polished aluminum bodied beauties come with brass hardware and brackets that pivot to any angle for either over, under and side mounting. 3" long, 2" round & 2 1/2′ high. Glass is cut from old Harley lens then shaped and polished. 12 volt, 3 wire shrink wrapped hook up.

Retail $175.00.

Orders require 2 weeks for delivery.


3 lights rear

All three rear view


Grate Style

ring light 2