Full Throttle Rock – Crisp & Davis

Crisp & Davis

Article By: Rob Keller

Originally Published In The June 2014 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


While walking down Main Street during Bike week this year my ears were tickled by some incredible music that was blasting at 120 + decibels! I immediately changed my direction and walked directly towards the sound that was calling my name and chilling my spine. It was the warm tone of the guitars working with a defined base line that was cutting through the air complemented by a phenomenal drum mix that was so freaking good I had to see it with my own eyes to believe that it was a real live band and not just a recording.

As I followed the sound of this amazing blend of Hard Rock’n Blues and Country I felt like I was being led by the Pied Piper to a place where my love of music would meet its maker. As I made my way past the crowded bar I found myself under a huge tent at a place called Bad Boys. I slowly worked my way to the front of the stage where I was blown away by a four piece band that was rock’n the Rally! I didn’t move from my perfect spot as they jammed song after song. The vocals were shared by two very talented singers. They both sang lead and back ups as they also shared the guitar solo sections that were melodic and presented in a manner that was complementary to the songs. My thoughts here go to the sound of the Almond Brothers Band combined with some Outlaws and Red Dirt Texas Boogie with some Blue Grass and Nashville influences.

There were also some subtle heavy metal riffs that sounded completely different because of the clean tones cutting through the speakers. As this band shared their gift of music I was entertained completely by their delivery of covers that only complemented their original tunes. They play each song like they lived them out with great showmanship. I couldn’t wait to talk with them after their show. Our conversation started with complements and appreciation that was shared by each of us. I appreciated their music and they were thankful and humble that I acknowledged their talent. I knew right away that these guys were the real deal and good people. They introduced themselves as Rodney Crisp from Kentucky and Kelly Davis from West Virginia and they call themselves Crisp & Davis.


CS: how long have you been playing music together?

KD: I guess 6, 8, no maybe 10 years. Wow time sure dose fly by.


CS: How did you get this thing started?

RC: We were both doing construction. I was operating a bulldozer putting in a parking lot. KD: and I was building houses when I saw this guy, who I thought was a local guitar god, operating this bulldozer. I couldn’t believe it was him. Why would this great player be doing construction work? I stopped to talk to Rodney about helping me with some songs that I had written. He remembered meeting me from a couple of times before at a few festivals and shows in passing. RC: I remember you, (Kelly) saying I heard you were pretty good at arranging and producing songs and you asked if I would be interested in helping out with a few songs. I said sure. Kelly came over and I worked on them. Then we put the music together and put Kelly’s vocal down real good. He went home and came back within a month and said “you’re not going to believe this shit, I just got a song writing deal from those three demos that you cut for me.” Then he asked what I would think about seriously putting a project together and trying to do something with it. I thought it over and said why not, let’s give it a shot and see what happens. Then we ended up getting in cahoots with Sony Records. KD: And I started meeting other songwriters and a lot of other people in Nashville and the doors began to open down there. KD: The one person that helped me out so much in Nashville is a guy named Anthony Smith. He literally changed my life! He taught me so much more about myself, song writing and story telling. To me he is a genius and great friend. He is also a fantastic guitar player!


CS: You have a unique sound. What would you call it?

KD: We got this thing and its Appalachia rock or Appalachia country. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before or a sound that hasn’t been created. RC: We have our own special seasoning on what we are doing and everyone notices it. Were hillbilly’s that like to play hard rock. We like rock and motorcycles and all of those elements are influential to our music, you know? We write songs about everything from the coalmines, drinking songs and evil women, pretty much covering the gauntlet on everything that’s going on. We do our thing and it’s working.


CS: Where can we find your music?

KD: We have all of the basic media outlets like Face Book, You Tube and Reverb Nation. Just enter Crisp & Davis and we will be there.


CS: Was this your first Bike Week event? KD: Yes and man we are having a blast. These are our kind of people and we have been blessed to be here in Daytona sharing the stage with so many great bikers and bands. We love the biker community and hope to see you’ all again real soon.


CS: Thank you guys so much for the great music and we wish you great success in your music careers! Since I have come home from Daytona, I have kept in contact with Rodney and Kelly. They are working hard to release their first cd and promise that it will be made available real soon. These guys are hard working musicians and songwriters that will truly appreciate your support and they invite everyone to listen to their music and give them some feed back. I hope you will take the time to check them out! Ride hard, Play hard!